March 31, 2010

Anti-Soy-Sauce Stir Fry

I love the internet. I ran out of yeast the other night, did not want to go buy some, so I googled "yeast substitute" and BAM! Baking soda + lemon. Then, yesterday I realized I had no more soy sauce (low-sodium, if that counts). So I typed "soy sauce substitute" in Mr. Google and sweet action! I gots meself a great new mix of herbs and vinegars to replace Mr. Soy Sauce. & guess what? The stir fry was the tastiest I have ever made! Ah, joy.


oats, milk, water, cinnamon, blueburries, raw almonds, 1 banananana


1 apple, an amazing and double-baked handful of seasoned garbanzos, and a baby mixture of fruits


almond buttah, organic jam, whole wheat bread, baby carrots, tiny serving of grapes and 1 mandarin orange.

Pre-Workout yums:

homemade granola bar & 2nd nanner of the day

Workout: 5 miles - 48:03 // 25 minutes weights, abs, stretching.

My attempt at taking a picture as soon as I finished: failed. But check out that calorie burn!! Cant I eat 5 pounds of oats now? Ah, 5 miles: I DID IT! First time doing 5 miles on the treadmill, and I felt amazing amazing amazing. Since it was my 3rd running day in a row (I usually rest Wednesdays but my work schedule was changed so I had to switch things around) I felt pretty tired when I first got on the treadmill, but eventually my legs stopped complaining and I felt like superman. Sweet.


Amazing no-soy-sauce stir fry! With a side of more broccoli, of course! The stir fry consisted of: 2 chicken breasts, diced into baby-sized pieces and browned to perfection, with a huge load of broccoli and red bell pepper (I was almost out, so I just diced up a few slices), and the famous Anti-soy-sauce: red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, red pepper flakes, garlic flakes, salt, pepper, and then more red pepper flakes! So delicious! So much flavor, I loved it and so did the hubby, which made me giddy. Aww... happy husbands are great.


1/2 dark chocolate square 85% man! & some raw almonds. Running 5 miles makes one hungry. Much so, much so.

Nighttime oats:

raw oats, raw muesli, cinnamon, raw almonds, 3rd banana of the day (oh gosh - they just be so good).

So, um..

March 30, 2010

Whole Wheat Almond Raisin Bread: yum.

As, promised, the recipe to this absolutely delicious bread I made last night. The recipe yields 3-4 loafs, so I divided each ingredient by 3.5 to create one itty-bitty yummy loaf. Mine contains: whole wheat flour, raisins, raw almonds (diced into tiny pieces) & agave. I'm thinking for next time I'll add a nice load of cinnamon. Ah, but it turned out so wonderfully tasting! Made me happy. & the hubby was pretty stinkin' happy, too.

And, today was nice:


oats, milk, h20, cinnamon, frozen blueberries all warmed up, raw almonds, & nanner


reunion with mid-morning oats: perfect! Raw oats, cinnamon, raisins, apple, kiwi.


Huge sammich: whole wheat bread, 2 slices turkey, red bell pepper, mustard, cucumber, handful of greens, alfalfalfafa sprouts!

then some of them garbanzos from yesterday, a wittle squishy, but tasty.


homemade granola bar. yums.

5 miles on track - 52:00
6 laps - normal pace
6 laps - 1/2 sprint 1/2 normal pace each lap
8 laps - normal/fast pace
tired? yes. but it feels so good!


1 of these guys!


mondo salad (red wine vinegar, olive oil, Parmesan, mixed greens, 1/2 piece whole wheat bread, toasted, seasoned with italian seasoning, and torn into pieces!) & whole wheat pasta with a huge load of peas, pasta sauce, Parmesan. I'm a Parmesan fool!


I re-coated 1/2 the garbanzos with chili pepper, and the other 1/2 with paprika, then re-toasted them 'till they were 5 seconds from burning, and I munched on 'em while dinner cooked. Bad idea, I know, but they were so nice and crazy crunchy!


1/2 a piece of 85% dark Godiva and some raw almonds!!

Biggest Loser tonight! Happy face.

Galaxy Granola Giveaway!
I vote you visit this gal's awesome blog to get in on the action!!

March 29, 2010

Scrumptious Oats & 5 Miles

Today was delicious and oat-like. The rain was crazy here, so was the wind, then the sun, which surprisingly produced heat, then more rain. Ah, but at last, an evening full of blog reading and good food. Here's an awesome food blogger: Krista's Kravings who always seems to have a great giveaway to share. Can you say, free Nature's Path Granola Bars?!

Anyhow, I started this Monday off with a bowl of oats:

oats, milk, h20, cinnamon, brown sugah, strawberries, raw almonds, 1 banana, raisins.

8:00am snack:

1 kiwi & 1 apple. I'm trying to "eat less" so I skipped my raw oats, but then I was starving like an hour later. Tomorrow I will happily welcome my 8am oats back into my life. Oh joy!


squished almond butter/organic jam sammich on whole wheat, 1 mandarin, english cucumber, baby carrots, red grapes


frozen homemade granola bar, all beat-up like! So tasty!!

5 miles on elliptical - 49:50 (Mr.Treadmill:occupied)
25 mins stretch/weights/abs
I felt so good, but was bummed out that I couldn't run.

Post-workout goods:

1 nanner, almond butter, cinnamon, raisins, raw almonds


my mum's chicken from Saturday (skinless chicken breast with yummy breading baked onto it), with my rosemary brown rice and a huge serving of steamed broccoli (attacked with a hint of salt, 'cause that's how it goes, son!)

I made an amazing bread! Well, I don't really know if it's amazing or not, 'cause I have yet to try it. But it looks amazing, and smells amazing, and was super easy! Tomorrow I'll put up the recipe & the "how it tasted" review! I'm excited... a whole lot.

oh & while I made the bread, and cooked up some beans for tomorrow, I had some chickpeas/garbanzos in the oven getting all toasty. I've had leftover garbanzos for a while and didn't know what to do with them. But I stumbled upon a great recipe on on how to make 'em crunchy and tasty (just some olive oil, spices, and a super hot oven for a half hour!). I munched on a few of them while cooking up a storm after dinner:

so yummy and crunchy!!

As the nighttime arrived, my stomach started to growl (yes!! that means I get oats!!) so I heated up some oatmeal with frozen blueberries.

yum times 8 million. Totally hit the spot. The end!

March 28, 2010

Weekend Quickie!

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
  • Morning Snack

  • Greenlake 10.25K - 1(hr)9(mins)

  • Larabar moment!

  • Groceries

  • Eggs, man

  • Relax forevah.
  • Mum's chicken dinner

  • Sister's homemade dessert

  • Nighttime oats/cinnamon/almonds treat (unnecessary - owie tummy)

Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
  • Early morning muesli

  • Churchtime
  • Mondo Huge Gigantic Delicious sammich (ALFALFA SPROUTZ!)
  • Gma's house
  • Pizza time! Goodbye Jennie-O Turkey dogs... R.I.P.
  • Pizza works

  • Yums.

  • Slices = 3.5 (moo!)

Goodbye beautiful weekend.
I want more Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Sigh....