March 6, 2010

Brussel Sprouts & Steak

Today was a rough day. But....

Eduardo and I started off the day perfectly. We got up somewhat early (for a Saturday) & snacked on some almonds n raisins & a banana before our run.

We then drove down to our favorite running spot of all time. Greenlake, Seattle - it was such a beautiful day to run!! He ran 10 miles and I ran about 4. It was a nice, relaxing run - more of a jog on my part - my legs hurt from the week's elliptical/treadmill attacks!

After our run we headed over to Road Runners right next to Greenlake and I bought some Larabars that I had yet to taste (Key Lime Pie & Lemon Bar) and Edu had a running test to look for pronation, and so they could recommend him some sweet new kicks to prevent any running injuries.

The Key Lime Pie was good, but I didn't taste much lime - just a little coconut. I'd still eat, like, 5 more any day!! And the Lemon Bar was AMAZINNGGG I wanted to eat the whole thing but we agreed to eat half and half so we could try both.

Then we went food shopping. Say hello to a rainbow load of delightful eats!!

Once we were home, we were starving. So we ate a banana, and split an apple.

Then we made dinner: steak (guac), home-made beans (salsa added), baked potato (with chives) & brussel sprouts. I had never tried brussel sprouts, but I decided to try a new fruit/veg each week (gasp!!) and I guess these week called for some brussels. Meh... I shoulda just eaten some delicious broccoli...
First: soak them beans overnight!

2nd: put them beans in a pressure cooker with water, salt, garlic, and onion

Then we prepared the salsa (serrano chili & tomato):


Home-made guac (avocado, lime juice, serrano chili, onion)

Green onion for the potatoes:

Boom diggity meal:

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