March 10, 2010

Daycare Oatmeal

On Wednesdays, we serve oatmeal at the daycare. I'm the breakfast cook (yipee!) so I have the power to cook the oats how they ought to be! (sugarfree and wholesome!) The only part that is missing is some milk, but because of a girl's milk allergy, I have to hold back. Anyhow, since Wednesdays are oatmeal days (served with frozen berries) I tend to eat 2 breakfasts. And it's so worth it.

Morning Oats at 5:40am

Almost 8:30am daycare oats & fruit

Lunch man: eaten on my 30 min walk to and from the bank & wal-mart, how swell!!

1:30 snack (I eat lunch 'round 11am)

Workout: rest day! Me muscles need repairing...

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with broccoli, grilled chicken, topped with a dash of parmesan and a great tomato sauce, a large side of roasted broccoli (thank you!!!!) and some beans 'cause I need me some protein.

dessert! 'cause filling up only 70% leaves you feeling... like you need MORE! even if more means a simple mandarin orange and a dark chocolate frango ;)

2nd dessert!! diced apple, plain low-fat yogurt, cinnamon, muesli, almonds, & 2 slices of mango (one got in my mouth before the camera came out)

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