March 12, 2010

Dessert at Art Ministry

At my church, ACC, we have a fairly new Art Ministry. The other day, I ate a good meal, and skipping dessert, knowing there would be plenty to much on at the Art Scene that night. When I arrived, with a hungry tummy, I was tempted by a huge table of treats. Honestly, though, a plate full of strawberries and grapes is a lot more tempting that a plate of store-bought brownies. Why? 'cause it's good for you! Yes, I might over eat on the strawberries and grapes, causing me to take in more naturally sugary calories than I need, but it feels a whole lot better than being full of processed chocolate chip cookies and brownie frosting.

I did, however, try someone's home-made blueberry treats and 1/2 a store bought oatmeal raisin cookie. The blueberry treat was made with wheat flour, bummer, but the blueberries were SO sweet and so delicious, I wanted another just to eat the blueberries out of it, but I passed. The cookie was very un satisfying, I tasted almost no oat flavor, hardly noticed the raisins, and got a spoonfull of sugar. le sigh.

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