March 22, 2010

Dinner Fail: Huge Burrito

Workout: Treadmill: 4 miles - 38:30. Weights 20 mins and some abs man!
Foot pain: 6 during the day, 8 on the treadmill, 9 after treadmill. So. Much. Pain!
The day, in one word: sigh.


I tried pulling a carrotsncake almond/peanut butter drop in the middle of the oats, but it ended up being way too filling for 5:30am. I guess I will stick to nanner/blueberry/strawberry oats from now on!


yipee for fresh fruits in my tummy!


I don't know if I'll ever get over this awesome lunch. It's just so perfect.

Gym Camera Phone dance?

Post-Workout yums:

nanner, cinnamon, raisins, almonds

Dinner fail:

You may ask: "why dinner fail?" and here is why: too many fillings, not enough tortilla! And the veggies did not taste like your average tasty veggie burrito that you'd get at your favorite Mexican joint. BUT the BEST PART was DEFINITELY the diced tomato, whole serrano chili, and green onion. Green onions are recently making all my meals tastier.

Anyhow, I could hardly finish it, which made it a fail, and wasn't a big fan of all the cooked veggies mixed together, which was a bigger fail. The good news, though, was this: since I hardly ate a decent dinner, I was ready for dessert almost immediately!

Dessert Make The Day Better:

Oh muesli, oh raw oats, oh cinnamon, oh raisins, oh almonds, oh non-fat milk... all in a cute red mug, how I love thee.

Tomorrow: a huge load of eggplant lasagna with homemade tomato sauce!!

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