March 5, 2010

Doughnut Burps

Today was good, long, temptation-like. My boss thought all the teachers were doing awesome and ran to buy us doughnuts. I smiled at her but really was saying "healthy, much?" in my head. But I immediately decided to not eat any. I avoided the staff room all morning and didn't see the box of doughnuts until mid-day. I opened the box, gazed at its beauty, and closed it. I was about to do a taste test and cut off a sliver from the good-looking ones, but decided I was full and didn't need any. I then ate 1/2 a daycare sandwich (before my lunch break) with american cheese (plastic?!), mayo, and wheat bread. I had my lunch break miiighty early (10:30am!) and ate happily with no doughnuts on the mind. About an hour later I was serving my toddler kids their daycare lunch: sandwich day. Wheat bread with mayo, american cheese and romaine lettuce shoved inside. Thinking of the doughnuts, I ate another half of an american-cheese sandwich. I didn't take a picture, 'cause I was bummed out and my inhaling...


Warm oatmeal topped with a little muesli, raisins, almonds, banana

Mid-morning snack:

yummers!! It's probably the best start to my work day. Almost always around 8am, right when all the daycare chaos begins (good chaos, though. I love them kiddos)


Same as always, so good, so good. (plus 1/2 american cheese sandwich about an hour before this... bummah..)

Hunger attack in afternoon:

yes, yes, yes.

Workout: 6K - 36:13 treadmill. weights, abs, stretching.

Post workout hunger strike

kashi & almonds (shhh! don't tell the hubby! my body reacts badly to any kashi golean cereal. but I really wanted a good ol' crunch!!)


leftover yummy rice & a salad


85% dark chocolate square... then a mandarin orange :)

Late night yummy-ness (This only happens on weekends!)

Plain yogurt blended with frozen strawberries, a little agave nectar, topped with muesli, raisins, almonds.

By the way....I ended up grabbing a sliver of 2 different types of doughnuts on my way out of the staff room at 2:3... And throughout my entire treadmill run, I had doughnut burps. Worse. Feeling. Known to man. But they were soooo good!!!

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