March 17, 2010

Eat them Greens!!

Happy Green Day!!

Today was nice. I wish it were green day more often, I could definitely get used to eating uncountable amounts of grapes, apples, and cucumbers. So good.

At work we had a green party, I asked all the parents to bring in green fruits and veggies (but yet of course, they just had to bring in extreme amounts of green cookies & cupcakes) and all the kiddos had green outfits on. Cute... It's 9:27 and my tummy wants more food. I should go to sleep...


oats, milk/h20, strawburries, banana, raisins


washington apple, raw oats with cinnamon & raisins & milkz

green party snacks #1

!!!! YES! The mom that brought those cucumbers totally sold me on buying English Cucumbers from now until eternity. They were so tasty and light and wholesome and good. :)


almond butter & organic straw. jam on whole wheat, grapes, carrots, mandarin & wee-popchips. The sammich & fruit filled me up so I ate the chips like.... 45mins later. Chips are funny.

green party snacks #2

workout: syke! Wednesdays are my day off, yo! I need to repair them musculos!!


I gave asparagus another chance, and LOVED it!
Pasta man:
  • Whole wheat pasta, cook it nicely and leave it in the water
  • Add a bunch of yummy peas and asparagus (cut into pieces) to the pasta w/water still boiling
  • Once a few minutes have passed, empty out waters
  • Add your favorite tomato sauce (or whole tomatoes, much bettah)
  • Eat!! I added a dash of Parmesan 'cause that's how I roll

I ate the delicious magnificent pasta with my hubby's beans on the side. Protein, protein, protein. So tasty.

dessert: a bigger delight than dinner?

1 apple, 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt, bunch of raw oats & muesli, with cinnamon n raisins. So filling and tasty. It's my
favorite dessert so I try n' save it for once a week. Otherwise we'd have to spend like $100 on apples every month. Oh budget! Holding me back from me apples.

Goodbye green day!


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