March 1, 2010

Elliptical & Tuna

[5:40am] Breakfast was a delight, it always is when it has oats and bananas in it. or if it's eggs... mmmm... Saturdays...

We cook a bunch of oatmeal on Sundays and it lasts us throughout the week (usually). It contains cinnamon, 1/2 milk, 1/2 water, and brown sugar. I'd love to make a batch without any sugar, then add agave if needed, but I never have... hubby no like sugar-free flavoring. Before heating up my feast, I added frozen strawberries to it (they get all soft and yummy on top of the oats) then I added a banana, unsalted almonds, and raisins. Heaven much?

[8:15am] It kept me full throughout the whole morning, which is surprising 'cause I'm usually craving something to munch on around 8am. But today I was satisfied, and calmly ate a pink lady apple and a kiwi. yummers?!

[9:15am] and thennnn the hunger kicked in (fruit doesn't keep anyone full, I was once told "you need proteinn!!" and it was true. So when my stomach asked for more food I grabbed 1/2 of my LARABARRRR (best invention ever?!) and some carrots. Satisfaction: Much so.

[11:30am] Lunch for me, in daycare land, is always the same. I sit with the kiddos (1-2 yrs) and munch on carrots, cucumber, and grapes. They laugh 'cause the carrots are loud, and I laugh 'cause I'm getting paid to make little toddlers happy. Oh joy. Then I dig into my delicious, every-day, never-get-bored-of sandwich with whole wheat honey bread, almond butter and organic strawberry jam (I know, organic sugar is still sugar... but we compared it with other jams and it had a lottt less sugar than most.... thank you Costco!) then I inhale a mandarin orange and call it good.

[12:00pm] On my 30 min lunch break I walked to the bank, then walked inside and outside of Wal-Mart aimlessly (because I can!) and called it a good 1.3 miles, sweat much, and went back to work. I didn't get hungry until around....

[1:15pm] so I finished the rest of my Larabar and them carrots. I wanted more...

[2:50pm] starving? I know our bodies should never be starving, but, since I planned this day carefully, knowing that I now am going to blog all my foods, I didn't munch on any daycare food. And I must day, it was apparent. I was starving. But I went to the gym anywho and told my body to tough it out.

[3:15pm] the treadmill was ocupado so I happily jumped onto the elliptical machine and typed in 40:00 minutos (thinking it'd take me that long to do a 6K, which usually takes me 36 mins but I'm a slow folk on the elliptical) and I ended up passing the 4 mile mark! yay-ers! So workout of the day was: 6.6K - 40:00 and it made me happy. So happy that...

[4:30] I was so hungry!! So I had to eat a post-workout snack before shower/dinner. This yummy snack consisted of: one banana, cinnamon, and raisins :)

[5:00pm] I got to eat a bunch of tuna tostadas!! So I was a little uneasy about posting this meal. I eat it almost every week, and although it doesn't fill me up 'till I'm rolling on the floor, it seems like a big portion. BUT when I quickly added up the calories, it was a decent, innocent little meal!

Tuna Tostadas: 3 corn tortillas (brownded until crunchy on flat-pan with no oil), spinach, tuna, celery, bell pepper, serrano chile, mustard and an itsy bitsy serving of mayo.

Good day, good dessert (muesli @ 8:15pm) good first blog?

and... sleep.

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