March 12, 2010

Green Tuna

Tuna for me used to be: 1/2 tuna, 1/2 mayo, sometimes a pickle or celery between 2 pieces of white bread, topped with a slice of American cheese.

Tuna for me now is: 1 can tuna, mustard, a little mayo, green bell, green onion, greens, avocado, and sometimes celery. I pretty much put anything green from my fridge into the tuna, place it on top of 3 extremely crunchy, warm tortillas, and eat eat eat.

Today's breakfast:

oats, 1/2 h20, 1/2 milk, banana, strawburries, almonds, raisins, cinnamon


It was sandwich day at work, and I just so happened to get hungry after I made about 80 million sandwiches. It's wheat bread (not whole wheat...) with ham and cheese. It's not good for ya, but it tasted nice and took off my hunger for a while, so, thank you american cheese and costco ham!

Then some wholesome fruit went into my tummy.



eerie Seattle-type weather on the drive home...

workout: 5 miles on elliptical! I feel poweful!
had to work out hardcore today 'cause tomorrow I rest (sat) since I'm planning on running a St. Patties day 5k on Sunday.

checked the mail... Women's Health arrived! What a good Friday!

post-workout goods:

nanner, almond butter (a good serving and a half of that stuff!) with cinnamon.


put them tortillas on a flat iron pan (is that what it's called?) keep the heat on medium, and flip once a little browned, I then turned the heat up to Med/High and waited till the sides got nice and dark, and hard, and crunchy. I continue flipping every few mins to prevent burning, and remove them when they're darkened to perfection and taste like a tortilla chip.

so delish. These were the crunchiest tortillas I had ever made! No oils, no salt added, just good stuff under a can of tuna!

and on the side, I treated myself to a guilt-free slice or 2 of white cheddar cheese. I didn't need it, but it's been in the fridge since Superbowl, and I don't want a good cheese to go bad.

No dessert 'cause I just wasn't feeling it. I planned on Muesli and skipped out. There's always Muesli for tomorrow! Ah, the weekend. I am content.

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