March 25, 2010

Honey Mustard Chicken

Today was chicken day! Meaning, last night I had to scramble through every chicken recipe I had ever printed, red, or owned, and pick one. The winner: Honey Mustard Chicken from here's the recipe: Honey-Mustard Chicken Dinner of course I had to tweak it a little, but it came out looking beautiful and I was so excited to eat it today!

Thursday's goodeats:

1) blueberry oats! Oats, milk, h2o, cinnamon, frozen blueberries, 1 banana: nuked in microwave. Then topped with raisins and raw almonds. Tasty man! Microwaving bananas in your oatmeal: immediate memory of banana bread. My mom's classic loaf, to be exact! I'm definitely going to microwave those nanners more often! Sheesh. Best fruit ever? Tastes amazing frozen and mashed, wonderful in homemade granola bars, fabulous diced up at room temp in oats or cereal, and crazy tasty in the microwave! How grand.

2) Daycare Cream o' Wheat: plain cream of wheat (enriched farina? I need to study that more. is it even nutritious?? hmmm), with frozen berries (no sugar added).

3) Apple Kiwi Craze: 'cause that's how I roll Monday thru Friday around 8:30am.

4) Lunch Huge Green Sammich! the classic: handful of mixed greens, mustard, 2 slices deli turkey, green bell, cucumber, serrano chili & good ol' fruits.

5) Granola on the go! A frozen, delicious, "Almond Butter Dark Chocolate" bar. So delightful.

Workout fellas! Treadmill (yay!): 4 miles - 38:30, then 20 mins strength training ('cause I like burning them calories while sitting and watching TV!) (translation: the more muscle you gots, and the more muscles you work like crazy or just a wee bit, the more calories burned throughout the day while not exercising. It's grand, really.)

6) Post workout nanner! and some almonds, that were inhaled before the camera was turned on. Aw look at that banana watching his wee friends...

7) Amazing chicken dinnah!

1 skinless chicken breast, cooked in an amazing agave-mustard glaze with and green bell peppergreen onion, with a nice side of rosemary brown rice & green brocc with its friend, asparagus (I ate 3 whole asparagus! sweet action!) More greens, please?

So satisfying.
But oddly...
Hunger struck only a few hours later!
& so I bring you...


Okay, so it's a lot prettier with strawberries. But we were out.
low-fat plain yogurt
frozen blueberries that were magically made soft in the micro
raw oats
5 raisins
& repeat!
Topped with raw almonds, 'cause that's who I am.


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