March 21, 2010

How to: Order Good Mexican Food

So today we decided to finally use up on of our gift certificates for a huge load of free food at a Mexican restaurant. I opened the menu, and the first thing I saw was "veggie burrito" - I quickly read the "ingredients" and saw 2 un-happy friends: cheese & sour cream. So, I ordered a salad, and a big huge veg. burrito w/o cheese or sour cream. AND we actually denied the basket of chips! It felt so good.


Iceburg lettuce (hello, watery leaves that have very little nutrition in 'em!), mushrooms, tomato, green bell.

HUGE veggie burrito!! with, more iceburg ;)

check out them insides! It looked kinda heavy from the outside, but once I cut into it, I was pleasantly surprised (even more surprised when I took a huge bite!).

  • mexican rice
  • black beans
  • carrots
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • lima beans
  • green... pea-pod looking things...
  • Mexican sauce (Edu says it's fresh, and that buying canned sauce would probably end up costing them more than if they made it from scratch, but I don't trust it. It was too good to be healthy!! Maybe it was over salted?)
  • green onion
  • onion
  • diced tomato
  • heavy load of Guac! yay!
To save my tummy from feeling overloaded later... I emptied the end of the burrito and ate its insides, leaving a funny flour tortilla covered in sauce and non-sense.

Biggest surprise of the day:
I didn't even feel sickly-full later! Eduardo and I never go out to eat (saves money, folks! and you know exactly what's going into your body, 'cause you end up making all of it yourself!), and when we used to go out, especially to Mexican restaurants, we'd always leave with huge logs in our stomachs. Even when I got taco salads! stinkin chips... tortilla shell... snap. But today, I waited and waited for that sickly feeling and never felt it! Even though I had eaten a huge, red-sauce covered burrito from a Mexican restaurant.

It felt amazing!

Then the nice waitress brought us these!

Definitely some fried flour-type things with cinnamon, strawberry sauce, and whip. I ate one :D

Anywhoo.... I'm happy. So I guess the key in ordering Mexican food, is simple: ask for no cheese, no chips, and no sour cream. And if you can skip out on huge portions of meat and go for something lighter, that's even better! I wonder what that burrito would've tasted like without the sauce... amazing I bet. Wehere's always Gift certificate #2! Which, thankfully, never expires, so we can use it like... next year. Sweet.

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