March 15, 2010

Ice them feet!

Short version: I hurt my foot while running last Thursday, now I have ice on both my feet and I think something is ripped? Or I'm broken.

Long Version:
So, last Thursday I had a little.... experience.... I went to the gym and my friend, the treadmill, was being used. So I hopped onto the elliptical (happily, might I add) and got to it. Within a few minutes, the person on the treadmill left. So I told myself after 1 mile on the elliptical I would get on the treadmill and get my run on, son. A mile hit, I stepped down from Mr. Elliptical and stepped up onto Mr. Treadmill and started the machine at 6.2 - then, it happened - PAIN! It was like a hard, ouch, why does the treadmill band feel like cement or harder.. type of pain - with each step, only on the upper part of my left food, where it bends. But I told my body to be quiet and finished my 6K.

I was kind of in pain that night, but not too badly. I went to the gym the next day and elliptical-ed it out, no pain. Saturday morning: yoga, I felt fine. Then race day crept upon me. I was A-OK until half way through the race when the pain came back. Right in the same spot, when I let off my foot from the ground, or when I push off, or when... I don't know. But I pushed through it, and finished the race - PR baby! Yet, after I crossed the finish line, I was limping! Crazy much?

Anyway. Today at work my foot hurt all day, at some points I was limping but that's 'cause I'm weak, not 'cause it's that much pain. But it hurts, darn it! Once home, I went to the gym and did the elliptical for 40 minutes - 3.99 miles.

I pushed like crazy for 4 but was going really slow for the first 3 miles 'cause my foot wasn't feeling this whole "exercise" thing I was putting it through. Now... I have ice. The scary part: the pain is starting to creep up to my lower shin. Please don't be shin splints, man! I gots to run!

Besides, the Seattle sun is here! I want to run outside :)

Anywho. Food blog to follow! I just needed to blog about mai injury~

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