March 21, 2010

Lemon (Lime) Bread

So, before amazing veggie burrito time I started off this lovely Sunday with some oats:

After church & veggie burrito time I got lunch's fruits ready for the week:

Then it was time. Time for: baking!!!!!
We both were craving some sort of yummy whole wheat carb to pair with our nighttime yogurt. I grabbed all the recipe books I had, including my notebook full of printed recipes and mag. articles, and, in one of Costco's lovely books, I found this:

It was super simple, and fast, and easy, and quick, and all those other adjectives that refer to something that didn't take much effort or time. The recipe says it serves 10, so I cut the whole thing in half. I also switched out white flour for whole wheat, 1/2 the butter was replaced with olive oil, and half the table sugar with agave nectar. Also, us Mexicans don't really use "lemons" so I grabbed a lime and pretended I thought it was called Lime Bread. Also, recipe calls for poppy seeds or chopped walnuts, but, I used both poppy seeds and chopped almonds.

IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! at the end of the baking process, you remove the bread from the pan, make little holes in the top with a toothpick, and pour the lime's juice all over it. So delicious. I love you, Lime Bread! Oh & we had yogurts with apple, blueburries, frozen strawburries, and muesli. Gosh. Tummy = SO HAPPY.

I think I may have just over-used the word "so". ah well,


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