March 3, 2010

More pasta, please!

My favorite food: pasta. I used to eat huge bowls of it covered in Parmesan cheese, no tomato sauce, no meat, just spaghetti with butter and Parmesan. I think it was the one time my 1/4 Italian side came out a bit, thanks to my mamita. Today was pasta day - but a refined, special type of pasta. I pulled the recipe off of and made a few adjustments to this cheeeesy spaghetti dish. And it was delicious in every way.

I made a simple spinach salad with home-made croutons (toast the bread 'till almost burnt, add italian seasoning, and rip into crouton-sized pieces). And paired the cheesy chicken pasta (1/2 a grilled chicken breast, mozzarella, milk, wholesome-ness) with my husband's fantastic beans (can you say serrano chili peppers? SO good!) for some protein. The salad consisted of olive oil, red wine vinegar and Parmesan.

was delicious, I gave into a half-handful of muesli and added some raw oats to fill me up for the morning.

was the same as always (in a good way) whole wheat sandwich with almond butter and organic jam, a mandarin orange, red grapes, carrots, cucumber, and I snacked on an apple and a kiwi in the morning.

Afternoon snack
Larabar - Applepie... mmmm!! It was really satisfying and held me over for a good hour before my early dinner.

Later that afternoon...
To my delight, my husband arrived from work with our Amazon order of muesli!! 8 tempting bags sitting on the kitchen counter, just waiting for me to rip open.

rest day! I'm a big fan of Wednesdays and Sundays for this very reason. My legs ache and them muscles need a good day for repairing! I might do some yoga later tonight to stretch everything out, then back to the gym (or the road, if it's sunny) tomorrow. :)

Later that night...
I dove into the muesli with my favorite snack/dessert of all time!! I don't know what to call it, or what everyone else calls it... so usually I just throw the main ingredients into a title-like name: Apple Yogurt Cinnamon crunch! Yogurt with Cinnamon Apples! But really it's just a delightful mix of: diced apple, plain yogurt, cinnamon, almonds, raisins, and oats.

Time to watch the rest of Biggest Loser!! Last night they actually gave a shout out to my favorite bar of all time: LARABARS :) 10 points for them.

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