March 4, 2010

Bananas, again? Really?

I think I ate too much. Full: yes. Did my body need that last bowl of oats: hmm.. Did my body want that last bowl of oats: well of course! Ah, well.... Today was lovely in general (when I make statements like this, it means the food was lovely). It started with oats, and ended with oats, and I craved some oats in the middle of the day.


Oats with strawberries, 1 banana, almonds & raisins. Warm & wonderful.

Mid-morning snack:

Apple & Kiwi (on daycare plate- wahoo) and cream of wheat with strawberries (sugar-filled frozen strawberries. darn you Costco! I needed something to fill my tummy a little, and a baby apple + his kiwi friend wouldn't do the trick!)


My classic AB+J on whole wheat bread with my fruitsies!!

Hunger @ 1:30pm:

I gave the cherry pie flavor a second chance, and I'm so happy I did! So tasty and kicked the hunger away to a far off land.

Workout: 6.4K (4mi) 40mins on elliptical (treadmill being used: bummer - but I mini-celebrated on the inside. Because oh running, so challenging some days)

Post-Workout snackage:

I was so hungry after my workout 'cause I hadn't eaten for a few hours, so I diced up some banana with cinnamon, almonds and raisins and ate it all up. Can you say: inlove with almonds, raisins and banana? I swear I could eat them non-stop for weeks!

Dinner time!

Brown rice with 3 egg whites (one yolk), bell pepper, peas, corn, 2 slices deli ham, and olive oil. Delish. And a small portion really filled me up when I paired it with: a spinach salad with celery, and my hubby's yummy beans. Raw pinto beans make a kickin side dish!!

Oatmeal. Muesli tomorrow, I hope!!

Goodnight nice day. Day 4 of no daycare food! Thank you, food blog, for holding me accountable. Any who really needs powdered cheese over noodles, anyway?

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