March 2, 2010

Quinoa: I guess I do like you

Today I started off the day with a lovely bowl of oats - because I love them oh-so-much. And because I want to control my obsessive muesli intake (it's so good!).

Mid-day I had my usual snackage and lunchtime sandwich with fruit. Lunch: almond butter and organic jam on whole wheat bread. Followed by lovely fruits all in a bunch, and some veggies, too! Hooray! I went for my usual 1.4 mile walk on my lunch break, while eating some diced cucumber, red grapes, and carrots

Last night I decided to marinate meat! Who does that? I never do. Patience: non-existent sometimes. So I grabbed some recipes out of Runners World mag and marinated the hubby's salmon in one tupper, and my chicken in another. Goodnight, lovely meat!

Let me just say it was mighty good chicken. The man said he really loved his salmon, but he always does, so how do I really know if this piece tasted extra good? Ah, well, I believe him. On the side, or, shall I say, the main part of the meal was the quinoa (dramatic music in the background). I have had a few interesting experiences with quinoa: We read about it once in a magazine, and then see it at Costco a few weeks later. So what do we do? Buy it o' course!!
  1. I made it like I make brown rice: simply, water, boil, eat. I tried it and thought it was "good" but really I thought it tasted like air.
  2. Then I made it again, and burnt it. The smell was so strong I was scarred for a good month or so and, from then on, couldn't stand the sight of quinoa - the smell just kept coming back.
  3. We ran out of brown rice so I ate quinoa. The smell was now in my mouth, on my tongue, down my esophagus. I couldn't do it.
  4. We ran out of brown rice, again (wow... really?) so I used quinoa as a substitute in some delicious stir fry. And guess what?! I loved it. Something about the soy sauce, that rice vinegar, broccoli, bell pepper... so tasty. So I guess I liked quinoa then?
  5. Runners World mag had a recipe that included chicken & quinoa. I gave it a shot:

The verdict: extra yum. The recipe called for bell pepper, cucumber and a type of onion. But all I had was bell pepper... so I improvised. Ladies & gents, I present to you: Quinoa with red bell pepper, celery, serrano chile and super duper itty bitty diced up spinach. yes please! It was delicious. I added broccoli and 1/2 a chicken breast on top and was completely satisfied. Delicious meal, and let me just say: Quinoa and I are onto a good new start.

Today's workout:
6K - 36:12 on treadmill, weights for
20 minutes and a good ab workout.

was extra oat-like and delicious. Plain yogurt with diced strawberry, banana, almonds, raisins and raw oats, muesli... kashi cereal... I couldn't stop.

Time to watch Biggest Loser! Thank you, Olympics, for ending.

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