March 16, 2010

Quinoa Stir Fry

Quinoa Stir Fry day! I mentioned how much it was a hit last time I cooked it, so here's for round 2!

530am - Breakfast:

muesli, raw oats, cinnamon, raisins, 5 almonds, 1 nanner

900am - Snack:

popchips from St. Patties Race (I grabbed like 5 bags after the race!) & an apple

12oopm - Lunch:

daycare brocc! 'cause them kids don't do much with it, besides pick at it and/or throw it away. So I grabbed a bunch before they could even see! So tasty, just steamed with h20.

an awesome sammich!! I've decided to bring the goods to make this type o' sandwich twice a week, to get off my almond butter/jam high. This sammich contained mustard, leafy greens, 2 pieces of turkey, 1 slice extra sharp white cheddar, 1 serrano chili (you bite sammich, then bite chili, then bite sammich, then chili, then breads, then chili... sooo good!)

145pm - Snack:

330pm - Workout: 40 mins elliptical (a weird machine didn't track the mileage. Lame?) 15 minutes weights, abs. & a great stretch :)

4:40pm - Post Workout fuel/first-aid:

My ankles/tops of my feet are still hurting like crazy. I think the ice will now become one with my feetsies. I love you, gel filled ice packs.

5oopm - Dinnah:

steamed brocc, so tasty! with a dash o' salt.

Yummy quinoa, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brocc, bell pepper
& a lovely ketchup friend chillin' on the side.

Eduardo's tasty homemade refried beans with chili pepper, for ze protein, man!

730pm - Blueberry & 75% Dark chocolate Dessert Attack:

Oats, water, milk, cinnamon, dash of brown sugah, blueberries!! & I added raisins, love them chewy little things.

8pm. Shucks, it's like the day is all gone. I hope my feets feel better soon! I miss Mr. Treadmill much so.

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