March 14, 2010

Race Day Foods

So, after a long day, we decided to keep things fairly light, and super delicious. Since we inhaled an entire pizza Saturday, we tried to balance it out today: I had a sandwich/salad, he had tuna/salad.

The sandwich's insides:

Tomato, avocado, cucumber, turkey, cheddah, bell pepper

The sammich & salad:

huge + delicious = yes.

I added almonds to the salad for some crunch, figured I didn't need to make croutons this time!

Then, a couple hours later, we had a small cup o' oats with the newest member of our freezer:


Tonight's official dessert was:

Plain yogurt blended with frozen strawberries and agave, topped with raw oats, muesli, raisins, and frozen bluueberries added after the picture :) & toast with almond butter, raw oats, raisins. So good.

Yogurt/Toast was enjoyed with Precious

Such a hard theme. I recommend it, but be prepared before you watch it!


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