March 14, 2010

St. Patricks Day Dash

Today was awesome! We woke up at 6:30am (5:30?! thanks to daylight savings) and prepared ourselves for race day. And by that, I mean, I prepared myself for race day and Eduardo helped me.

For breakfast I ate a light, filling plate o' food for "race day fuel"

Almond butter and organic strawberry jam on whole wheat toast & a nanner

& of course I couldn't forget my electronic running companions, so loyal, so lovely.

Edu gave me the iPod for my birthday last year, I believe, about a month after I started running somewhat consistently. He had "Te Amo mi Corredora!!" (I love you my runner!!) engraved in it. So cuuuteee! I almost cried, but instead I just felt guilty for never giving him anything that personal and sweet on any of his past bdays. I love how small and simple this iPod is, and the headphones have the "next/skip/name song/volume" buttons attached. Convenient, much?

Me sporting my cool green number! 7am face.

Then we drove to Seattle for the St. Patties Day Dash... The start line was sooo packed! In an awesome way, though. The weather was really bearable: see-your-breath cold, but with the sun peaking at you, warming you up in your time of need.

There ended up being some 5,000 people (estimate provided by my husband) that took place in the race.

This is only the green wave, there was a huge gigantic red wave and a ... yellow wave? They started after green disappeared, and their group was huge! Eduardo thought it had to have been double or triple or 5 times the size of the green wave. Who knows, but it was a lot of (awesome) people.

First place goes to...

someone awesome! We have a habit of taking pics of the first place runner. I love cheering those guys on, but this time, Eduardo got to do it.

"I tried taking your picture, but I couldn't see you! 95% of the runners were wearing black!" Was the hubby's reason for not getting my finish line snapshot. But I didn't mind, it was definitely the best run of my life.

Official distance: 6.25K (3.88mi)
Official time: 35:11

I was so happy! I felt, dare I say, fast?!
The run was very enjoyable, not too long, calm, full of inspiring people, and a good way to start off a Sunday.

Next step: grab all the food you possibly can!

Top Pot Donuts. Flavor: chocolate raspberry (?) Not a big fan, so we split it :)

I felt so so so good. There were millions of hills (or...3?) and it was longer than I had thought, and I was able to run faster than I thought, and I didn't once feel like walking, like I usually do. I was on top of the world for a short moment. It was a blessing!

Once we walked 10 blocks to our car (all uphill, may I add) we snacked on some of the race goodies I got to take home:

We split a bag of popchips, and a blueberry clifbar :)

I am thankful for: race food.

& free running magazines

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