March 8, 2010

A Surprise 3 Leches

Today was a big ol' bummer. Stress from work made my lunch seem sick-ly. But I ate it, and the fruity flavors took away the pain.

I started of the day with delightful, sunny, 5:40am oatmeal:

You can tell it's almost Spring! Check out the sky at 6am!!


Lunch: Almond butter sammich with organic strawberry jam, mandarin orange, grapes, carrots, cucumber. (eat the rainbow!!)

Workout: 6K treadmill 36:16 - Gah! I can't for the life of me... break... 36mins. Well, I could push the speed up to 8 but then I might rip a muscle. Oh stank! I love you 36? Then stretch, weights, abs for 20 mins. Felt good. I thought and re-thought the day's stress and came to many peaceful endings. I like pondering.

Post-workout snack man: banana & raw almonds

Dinnah: leftover (delicious) enchiladas, homemade beans, salad, brocc. Yum. Yum. & yum. The good Word took me away from the chaos of the world, once again. Psalms are wonderful :)

Dessert: Ebony dark chocolate Frango from Christmas time. Still good. Still dark. Still from Macys....

Then the hubby arrived from work with a little plate wrapped in foil. Little plate wrapped in foil = a treat!! It was pastel tres leches that a co-worker made. Kinda dry and seen better days, but moist and sweet and sugary all at the same time! Eduardo asked me to save him a bit, and by the size of it, I thought that'd be impossible. But it was really heavy and I hardly got to half of it before I realized I'd rather down some oats later than finish it.

Me little legs ache like crazy logs. Time to sit and do absolutely nothing. Le sigh,

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