March 27, 2010

Tortilla-Crust Pizza!!!

Today was marvelous! I did a double workout (next day:pain) and made something I've wanted to make in forever! Super thin, tortilla pizza. So delicious! & surprisingly filling, even being so itty-bitty looking.

Here's the rest of the yummy Friday:

muesli, raw oats, cinnamon, raisins, raw almonds, 1 banana, non-fat milks.


mondo delicious apple, 1 kiwi


almond buttah + organic jam sammich, baby carrots, red grapes, 1 mandarin cutie face


baby sized apple (looks big in pic) and homemade granola :)

workout: run/walk 3.5 miles with sister at a crazy nice trail, then drove to the high school track and ran me 4 miles - time: 39:20. Sweet Action! very, very, very tiring, though.

post-run eats:

raw almonds, raisins, nanner, h20


huge salad of mixed greens, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and 1/2 a piece of overly-toasted whole wheat bread, broken into crouton-sized pieces and thrown into the salad, with italian seasoning.

tortilla crust pizza with veggie load!

I really wanted a baby pizza, and wanted to make the 5 minute tomato sauce I saw on So I did some research, grabbed a "how-to" from the internetz, and seriously 10 minutes later: delicious meal.

I topped it with 1 slice turkey, spinach, brocc, serrano chili, and a little cheese (very little, as you can see - it's pretty much invisible! but it really added a great flavor!) and then I topped it with red pepper flakes (not shown). it was fabulous!!!

5 minute tomato sauce recipe

how-to on cooking tortilla pizza

fabulous pizza, but really spicy chili, so I had to calm the tongue down with:

1/2 an 85% dark chocolate square a few raw almonds.

When the hubby got home we had a light dessert. Him: yogurt, me: apple

1 apple with a wee-bit of almond butter, cinnamon, raw almonds, raisins.

Delicious Friday.

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  1. Your pizza looks amazing! I love the idea of having it on a tortilla and the broccoli is a great added touch. Looks so delicious!