March 20, 2010

Tuna #2

Yesterday was a wee-bit uneventful. Tuna tostadas for the... 3rd time this month :) Tasty, very much so, but not super exciting.

Muesli morning:

muesli, raw oats, nanner, cinnamon, almonds

Apple & Oats snackage:

diced apple, raw oats, cinna, raisins

Never changing lunch time:

AB & organic jam sammich whole wheat bread, mandarin, carroots, grapes.

& A silly hollow carrot.


Workout: 4 miles on elliptical, 37:35!! It was one of my best times! then 20 mins weights and abs.

"Good workout" snack:

almond buttah on whole wheat bread, cinna, raisins

Tuna tostada dinnah!

with asparagoos. tuna: mustard, green onion, cilantro, lime juice, serrano chili

get-rid-of-the-spicy-throat chocolate:

1 square. definitely hit the spot and killed my spicy mouth!

Late Friday night snack w/movie:

oats, muesli, milk, h2o, banana, cinnamon: nuked it 90 secs! Then added frozen blueburries! So yums. Oh & movie tonight was The Time Traveler's Wife. confusing much? but cute and sweet and sad and happy. All at once. 10 points.


  1. Those tuna tostadas look super good - I'm going to have to try making them sometime!

    Sounds like Time Traveler's Wife was full of emotion - I've been wanting to see it

  2. Go see it!! :) & the tostadas really leave ya satisfied, they're the perfect size! I hope you enjoy 'em!!