April 29, 2010

10K Personal Record

I'm so happy. I love my husband, my trainer, my man who gives me goals, knowing I can reach 'em if I set my mind to it. I ran my best 10K today, and I'm kinda uber joyful about it.


a not-so-attractive photo of 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup muesli, soy milk, banana, almonds, cinnamon


Why hello apple. I felt kinda sick to my stomach after the oats. I think soy milk is too sweet for me insides @ 5:30am. Unfortunately, we bought more than 3 gallons of this soy stuff so my stomach will just have to get used to it! It just tastes so yummy.


mustard, turkey, bell pepper, spinach, serrano chili, cutie, celery, grapes, carrots + h20!


homemade honey oatmeal bread + huge apple.

Workout: 10K (6.25 mi) - 59:50 *Goal was under an hour! Thank you, 10 beautiful seconds of rapid speed! Then I walked for a bit, and did some stretching/abs for 10 mins.

Post workout grub:

whole wheat toast, almond buttah, cinnamon, banana

10K sweat + Awesome mail!!


spinach, carrot apple slaw, roasted sweet potatoes. All thanks to Tina @ carrotncake.com! (recipe) Delicious beyond words! I added too much cumin, though, and bigger apple chunks would've made this salad amazing. There's always a next time :)

Goodnight oats:

muesli, oats, soy milk, cinnamon, almonds

Off to let me legs rest and be with the wonderful hubby.
Happy almost Friday!!

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