April 20, 2010

Almond Raisin Bread Take 2

Guess what? I can breathe through my nose! Not completely, but a whole lot more than yesterday. On the road to recovery! But now Eduardo (hubby) has it :( shucks...

Each week I've been baking or making something tasty for my man and I to snack on in the afternoons. Whether it's homemade granola bars, banana bread cookies, or a whole wheat loaf, they're usually easy, fun recipes that I can whip up in no time. A recipe from A Year in Bread inspired me to tackle a whole wheat loaf back towards the end of March. And last night I decided to have a reunion. This time, I added more raisins, more brown sugar (for the hubby, o' course!) and more... love?

Almond Raisin Bread

[recipe here]

My ingredients:
  • whole wheat flour (1.1 cups to start)
  • brown sugar (1/4 cup)
  • almonds (10 crushed)
  • raisins (3/4 cup)
  • yeast
  • salt
  • whole wheat flour (a million spoonfuls 'till the dough was anti-sticky)
It was super easy, and it smelled amazing - oh! and it was deliciiioouuus! thankfully my stuffy nose was on the right track to health, 'cause I was able to smell the bread cooking. I may have died if I couldn't smell that homemade bread. Best scent known to man? yes.

The rest of this nice little Tuesday:


oats, non-fat milk, strawberries, 1 banana, flaxseed meal, blueberries, and... cinnamon


a slice o' that delicious bread, yo!


spiciest serrano chili I have ever had in my entire life. no joke. I took one bite and the flames hit my throat. But, of course, I took like 3 more bites and then decided to stop. Only 'cause my napkin was covered in my mascara (crying, much?) and my nose wouldn't stop running. That thing was killer! Anyhow.. the sandwich contained 2 slices turkey, mustard, green bell + spinach.


giant apple. purple apple?

Workout: 5 mi - 47:50 treadmill + 15 mins weights/abs
I ran pain free! It felt so nice to be pain-free in the legs region. I was super tired, of course, but so happy to have been able to run my 5. Oh 5, so hard, yet so good.


snacked on these fellas after my workout.

Proof that 2 people can consume 25lbs of pinto beans:

I have no idea when we bought this Costco bag o' pintos, but I was glad we did. Round 2?


Giant spinach salad (red wine vinegar, olive oil, parmesan) with 1/4 chicken breast (seasoned with italian seasoning), rice (mexi rice from Sunday! we finally finished it!), and I tried a "white" sweet potato, but wasn't feeling it. I think I picked a bad one at the grocery store. Produce fail? Yes. It was super tasty, but I think it had gone bad haha. Snap!

Sweet tooth:

1/2 an 85% dark chocolate square. BROWNIE PARTY IN MY MOUTH!

Biggest Loser tonight. I'm stoked, only 'cause our TV actually works this week (wind storm attacks cable dishes, who knew?) aaannd.... maybe I'll snack on some more kashi cereal. I can't stop? It's so tasty when it's right out of the bag. I believe it is calling my name right as week speak...

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  1. That bread looks AMAZING! Awesome job tackling the pinto beans, we have a huge bag of basmati rice we are never going to finish!