April 1, 2010

Black Bean Chili - Veggie Loaded!

Ah, tis April. 1 month food blog anniversary! I vote, for this month, that I only post once every day, and that I do it well, man.


Muesli Thursday! I love cooked oatmeal so much but sometimes a nice cold bowl of raw oats and muesli feels so good inside. The goods: raw oats, muesli, cinnamon, raw almonds, raisins, 1 banana, non-fat milks.


1 giant apple & 1 perfectly ripe kiwi


Huge sandwich, and fruits! Sammich insides: 2 slices turkey, mustard, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, handful of greens, red bell pepper, 1 serrano chili up on top. Heaven? Yes.


After a prune discussion with a friend, I was given my first prune. Smell: strong. Taste: funny. Texture: soft and squishy and yummy-fied. But I think I'd prefer 'em blended with some raw almonds and made into homemade Larabars!! If only. & well, the prune was eaten with a banana, homemade granola and some h20.

Workout: rest day! oh joyous day of muscle repairing.


My sister gave me a super easy black bean chili recipe. I switched the black beans for pinto beans 'cause we love those pintos! & I added some diced carrot, diced cucumber, extra chilis, extra green onion, and celery, yo!

I feel like, when it comes to chili or soups, the fillings are endless and you almost have to take advantage of the fact that you can add any vegetable and it'll still be amazing tasting. So I piled on the veggies, and will definitely add more next time!

& guess what I did? I made some homemade tortilla "crisps"! I want to call 'em chips, but they were really just corn tortillas cut into triangles and placed on a super hot pan. No oils, no salt, no nothing. and they were delicious beyond words! They came out extremely crunchy, and tasted perfect when dipped into them beans! It was almost like chips + bean dip. So good, definitely gonna make me some more of these "crisps" in the future!

I enjoyed the marvelous beans with a huge salad:

[Mainly huge because our greens weren't a good pick this last week and they want to spoil :( No fun. Darn you, Costco!!]

After-Dinner Craving:


Low-fat plain yogurt, blueberries and strawberries, raw almonds and muesli all mixed up to make a purple cup o' yogurt. Paired with a slice of homemade whole wheat agave, raisin, almond bread. Oh, to be wise at naming my baked goods. One day, one day...

Oh gosh, Friday! You're finally here! Just a couple more hours....

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  1. happy blog birthday!!!! What a beautiful lunch. So much color and so healthy! Pat on the back to you. Black bean chili is one of my favorites. Great recipe. Enjoy your weekend