April 19, 2010

Dead Sinuses, Yoga, Mexican Rice

I would love to just close my eyes, magically end up on my bed, and be able to breathe through my nose. Both nostrils, please. But no. nooooo. Today was stressful. Work wasn't jolly, or dandy, or joyous, or comfortable. But... I am on my 4th liter of water. Bad for you? I'm just so so so so thirsty today. I think the breathing through my mouth is making my throat all dry n needin' more fluids.

And... meals:




almond butter + organic strawberry jam sammich!

baby star from my mandarin orange! Perfection much?

Workout: 4 miles elliptical - 39:15 + 10 mins at-home yoga:

felt so good. I just wanted to move in slow motion for a while. The hubby told me to take the day off completely, but work stressed me out today and I needed that release (iPod, lots of sweat, a mad face: cure)


'dis how I do.


brocc, leftover mexi rice (lookin a wee bit bland, but it was tasty!) and home cooked beans with diced chili peppers.

Nighttime oats:

I don't think I really needed these, just craved 'em like crazy. Craving is good.

aaannd... collapse.
If my nose doesn't work tomorrow I just might cry.

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