April 7, 2010

Delicious Big Bowl - Quinoa

First, I need to say thank you to 101cookbooks.com and all their amazing vegetarian recipes!

Today was full of tasty, wholesome-eats, a normal day at work, and a chill 4 mile run on the treadmill. Unfortunately, though, I believe I got meself a wee-running injury! But I will be resting for the next 2 days before the race, and applying much ice so hopefully race day will be a good one.


oats, non-fat milk, 2 frozen strawberries, frozen blueberrrries, (microwaved with oats) 1 banana, raw almonds, raisins & much cinnamon (of course!)

2nd breakfast (sigh...if I didn't eat 1st breakfast at 5:40am, I wouldn't need a 2nd one. Is this portion too much? Who knows, but it is sugar-free! Minus the natural fruit-like sugars, yay!)

1 organic apple, oats cooked with cinnamon & water, and frozen berries.


Almond buttah & organic jams, grapes, baby carrots, mandarin orange.


orange! yummers! & homemade oatmeal raisin bar :)

Workout: 4 miles - 37:18 treadmill + 20 minutes weights/abs

Delicious Big Bowl - Quinoa Recipe

Please checkout the website for the awesome, simple recipe!
I topped mine with a few dollups of avocado & paired it with a baby spinach/celery/homemade croutons salad:

It was mighty good but I definitely added a little ketchup half way though. I just love me some potatoes & ketchup!


Then I ate this huge banana guy!

Happy mail:

These magazines always come right when I need 'em! There's a huge article on injuries, so I can yell at myself for breaking my leg (syke?) and then fix it properly! & this mag comes with a huge load of inspiration - yay for running and reading about fellow runners!

Time to wait for the hubby to get home for part 2 of Biggest Loser night! &.... another cup of oats? I know, I don't technically need more oats. But what else is there to eat when my 7:30 growling tummy bothers me? oats oats oats!


low-fat plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, raw oats, & some berries on top! So delicious and freezing cold and icecream-like!

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