April 13, 2010

First Time: Rambutan (mamon chino?)

Before I get into this "mamon chino" business.... I have to talk about dinner! I really had the perfect dinner today. After the last bite, I'm pretty sure I said, out-loud, "That was so so perfect!" Perfect & amazing, not only because of the flavor, but because it was so simple and so easy to make! And I actually feel like it was the perfect portion for a hardy dinner. Ah, the joys we can get out of a wee-meal.

Let's start from 5:50am:

1/2 cup raw oats, 1/4 cup muesli, raisins, raw almonds, 1 nanner


baby carrots, organic apple, kiwi


baby spinach, 2 slices turkey, bell pepper, cucumber + mustard sammich. With grapes, baby carrots, mandarin, celery, and... I ate one sugar-snap pea. I got to dip those in something - I have a hard time just eatin' 'em like they are. Mustard?


a very greeeeen banana & a mini lara :)

Workout: 5 miles (8K) - 50:57 high school track // 20 mins weights + abs at home.

The Run: the legs were hurting all over. I must be a horrible runner (bad form bad form bad form!) 'cause I feel like I get injured every other week. Anyhow, I took it slow for the first 3 miles, while my shins and my lower calves yelled at me, then I was
luckily able to pick up the pace pain-free for the last 2 miles. It felt great to push myself on the last 2 - the track always kills me and I become a hard-core jogger and a not-so-much runner. Ah, well, I love running! & it was a good day to do so.


Rosemary brown rice, 1/2 a chicken breast seasoned with italian seasoning, and a huge load of roasted broccoli (recipe courtesy of Tina @ carrotsncake.com!) - this meal filled me up perfectly! I was left without cravings for more, without an over-full belly, and the broccoli was amazing! so was the rice! so was the chicken! Man. It was nice.

First taste: mamon chino!!

My hubby brought home a little bag of... somethings and said, "I brought you a fruit to try!!" with a funny grin on his face. Take note: I am not good with trying new things. It's amazing I even started this "first try/taste a new fruit or veggie every week" - I have a hard time trying and liking new things. But, well, it's fruit! I love that stuff! right??

Rambutan: mamon chino - It comes in a soft... shell type thing. Thankfully these ones didn't have the hair on 'em - I may've never touched them! So - You peel it and kinda suck the jelly-part out (it gets a little stuck to the shell) then your teeth and taste buds have fun while you try to eat the jelly-like part while avoiding the...


haha - I ended up eating 3, then I got weirded out. I guess I could call it a grape-type of fruit. We have like 10 more, and I might sneak a few more tomorrow - but they're just so odd! Humorous, much? It was a fun experience in the end - go get some!!


blueberry oats. Delish.

AND I made some Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Cookies that I found on carrotsncake - recipe here.

Modifications: I have no chocolate chips, not even dark chocolate (the grocery store is calling me name!), so I grabbed a mini chocolate Larabar (haha) and kinda ripped it into pieces and put in the batter. Also, I added raisins, cinnamon, whole wheat flour instead of the "normal" all-purpose stuff and agave instead of sugar (but only 'bout a table spoon). they were so good! But - they turned dark brown, and some are oddly shaped - so a picture: unavailable! Gosh - they look real bad - but TASTE SO GOOD!

Our apartment smells like banana bread.... mmmmm!!!


  1. I noticed that recipe on Tina's blog, but forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder and a second review.

    I'm going to have to make them in the next coupld of days - they'll be a great treat to have around.

  2. What a great idea - to try something new every week! I guess I have kind of been trying to do that. Recently I tried kumquats and kiwi berries for the first time :).