April 27, 2010

First Time: Cauliflower

Running 25 laps on a track is hard. Eating mashed potato-looking cauliflower, is not hard - especially with diced green onion added to it! or is it?


oats: non-fat milk, cinnamon, brown sugah, 1 banana, almonds, raisins, blueberries, strawberries = 3 million grams of fruit sugars.

8 hours of food tower:

My daily food intake @ the workplace, yo. Oh tupperware, why did it take us so long to meet? I wish there was a handy tupper for my apple, mandarin + homemade bread. But no. no. no.



a killer sandwich of mustard, turkey, spinach, bell pepper, cucumber + serrano chili (attack my sinuses spicy!) with a side of: more cucumber, carrots, grapes + celery.

Then I ate this mandarin:

& saved the slice o' bread for after my run :)

Then I ate this!

'cause I love giant apples!

Workout: 6.25 mi (10K) on track. No watch, so no time :( T'was hard, had to push myself to finish, but it was pain free, so I am happy! It was also very sunny during the first 20 laps, then, as I died a wee bit from exhaustion and sweat, it started to drizzle and it felt so good. I love unpredictable weather during runs, it just makes for a fun ol' time!


wrap for real! whole wheat super fiber-ish tortilla with mustard, bell pepper, spinach, chicken.

Cauliflower party!!

I boiled the cauliflower in my homemade chicken broth, then diced up a green onion and mashed the cauliflower like hardcore potatoes. Cauliflower verdict: delicious! I just got an idea from my lovely mami about how to cook my 2nd load of cauli - I'm excited!! Oh & dinner was served with a side of my amazing yet unattractive beans. They seriously taste like really good canned beans - but they're homemade! Swell.

My legs ache, I think I pushed myself a little too much today. I can hardly walk. I might just sit on this computer chair for the rest of the week.... Oh running, how I love thee, but you make me wittle legs sore sometimes. I think I'm going to stick with 5-6.5 miles from now on. No more upping the mileage until I feel like an 8-10K pro. Late 2011? Sounds good!

Look what 8:30pm brought me!

I love you, oats. Let's be best friends forever.

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