April 14, 2010

First Time: Grapefruit

Crazy, right? Who has never tried a grapefruit? I may be the only one. A nice friend o' mine granted me with one after I had told her that I had never had one. I used her "best salad ever" list o' ingredients and went to town with Mr. Dinner salad. best salad ever = understatement. I loved the grapefruit's juice's taste. But when I ate the actual grapefruit (like an orange, o' course) I got the sour face. Shucks! Maybe next time...


blueberry, raisin, banana, almonds, cinnamon oats!

Snack attack:


almond butter + jam sammich!


banana bread cookie! Told you it wasn't attractive! But it was so good. I ate 2


Quinoa stir-fry with brocc, chicken, asparagus and a crazy good mix of vinegars/spices to replace soy sauce. yum. yum.yum. yum. needed a little ketchup - I got to find me a decent version of that stuff!

& grapefruit-dressed salad:

spinach, grape fruit juice, green bell, raisins, almonds. I shoulda put craisins, apple, pear, and a yellow pepper like my friend had recommended - but I have none of that, so I had to improvise hardcore.


edu & I split this mini itty-bitty jocalat bar & then I inhaled a banana:

After the banana, things got crazy.
I'm pretty sure I ate a good 2 servings of dry cereal, too many almonds, a mandarin orange, and then, when tomorrow's dinner was cooked and cooling, I definitely ate like 20 tuna casserole noodles.

Even though dinner was so early (3pm) I feel like I really, really, don't deserve no yogurt-like dessert.

This is what happens when you say no to staff-room Costco-sized cupcakes for 3 days in a row, then, when the boss brings donuts, you deny them, as well.

binge. binge. binge. Oh, whole-wheat goods & fruit binging, you seem so innocent - and yet you are so not.


  1. Sometimes grapefruits are sour, but sometimes they are so sweet and juicy! Your banana bread cookies look unbelievable. Anything with bananas, i just love!

    Thank you for the Seattle tips! When our trip gets closer, I definitely might be asking you for advice! I picked up a travel book and am dying to go to that market! I'm so excited!

  2. Hehehe.. I know what you mean about binging!

    I've only had grapefruit once, and it was when I was little. It was so super sour, so I dumped about a cup of sugar on top...

    I notice that you have spinach....maybe soon ready for the "monster"? LOL I picked up some today so it might be tomorrow's breakfast

  3. thanks for stopping by and i love grapefruit...with sugar :)