April 5, 2010

First Time: Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Day!

So, to add to "foods I have never tried, but want/need to give a chance" - I give you the sweet potato! I admit, I tried one of these March of last year, and I recall making a 2-year-old sour face with each nibble. Childish, much? But now that I can't get enough of these "hey, I actually came from the earth!" goods (or anything not processed), I fell in love with this fella!

I chopped the big boy in half, got a little olive oil & salt on it, & baked it on 450 for 45 mins (it sounds like an evil thing to do to a potato - when I think of all the raw food blogs I read & love....!) and it looked amazing!!

amazingly burnt, that is! But the aroma filled our entire apartment, I was so excited to try it!

Before I get into how amazing it tasted, let's go through Monday's delights:


Oats with milk, h20, cinnamon, raw almonds, 1 banana, raisins, and more cinnamon!

Snack (2nd breakfast?):

Raw oats, cinnamon, 1 organic apple (I love how I'm so not used to organic fruit. The apple was so soft, and normal sized, and actually turned brown fairly quickly! Now, is that because it's organic and real or is it because it's just one of those types of apples that just so happens to go brown faster, and just so happens to be smaller in size? hmmm... pesticide free?)


almond butter/organic strawberry jam sammich on them whole wheats bread, 1 cutie, dark dark red grapes (deliiiciouus! thank you Costco!), organic cucumber, and organic baby carrots. Awesome. But, I still needed a big ol' orange to fill up meself:

Hand shots are awkward.


Homemade Oatmeal Raisin bar :)

Workout: 5 miles - 47:32 on treadmill. The first 2 miles were killer, I had pain in about every spot on my right leg. But I'm so happy I pushed through, 'cause I felt great after mile 3, and mile 4 flew by!

& 25 minutes weights/abs. Ahh, race this Saturday, I got to train hard!


biggest banana ever? with some cinnamon - sprinkled on as I inhaled it.


1/2 chicken breast, marinated in lime juice, spices, mainly rosemary - yum. and 1/2 a delicious delicious delicious sweet potato, accompanied with a huge load of steamed broc, 'cause that's how I do.

Extra Sharp White Cheddar Fix:

We were gifted with a huge block of Extra Sharp White Cheddar from my uncle during the superbowl, and we still have a little (no mold: miracle??), so I got my fix (like... 10 minutes after dinner... !) with 1 slice lean turkey, 4 leaves of baby spinach, and some cheddar slices. sooooo tasty and light! Love.

Nighttime oats:

A good serving of muesli & 1/2 cup raw oats with cinnamon, some raisins, and some raw almonds, is how I end my night. So wonderful.

wow. Oats obsession? 3 times in one day? Aw, sweet.
Tomorrow is Tuesday! Can you say Biggest Loser?!


  1. I love love sweet potatoes! I just picked up a white sweet potato at the farmers market this past weekend and I cannot wait to try it. Your night oats look awesome! A great way to end the day

  2. Mmm, roasted sweet potatoes!!! and oats, more fabulousness :) don't forget to taper before your race! even taking it easy for a few days before helps you stay fresh... good luck, looks like you'll rock it!