April 16, 2010

Grapefruit's 2nd Chance + New Phone

I'm so happy the weekend is here once again, and this time my hubby is actually home. How wonderous! Yesterday he told me a man would show up at the door with a "surprise" for me. I always ask him if it's food (teehee) and he lies and says yes. Then he lied and said "nope, it's clothes!" but. I'm smart. I knew it had to be my new cell phone!!! My blackberry (beautiful, loyal, faithful, wonderful, delightful blackberry) was coming up on its 2 year Bday and the following keys were broken: c, m, n, t, #7, #1, space bar, & the call button. It was very frustrating. He had been "researching" for weeks for a new phone, and he was super excited about it! More than me? A tad bit, yes. Anyway.... he picked a Nokia N900 for me.

The best best best best best part is the amazing camera!! Bye bye canon camera and cellphone carrying everywhere! I get 2-in-1 with this baby. And the camera's quality is absolutely beautiful. My hubby is amazing. I don't deserve a camera this high-tech, yet - he picked it out for me. Love that man.

Enough phone rambling!!

But: I didn't charge my little Nokia N900 last night, so I only got a pic of breakfast before the battery crashed. Bummer. I did get dinner + dessert, though! Sweet.


muesli! 1/2 cup raw oats, 1/4 cup muesli, banana, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, fat-free milkz

snack 9am: 1 apple, 1 kiwi, baby carrots, & tried sugar snap peas with mustard. Unfortunately, only able to down one of those guys before being turned off. I think it's an acquired taste. Someday I'll love 'em... someday...

lunch 1130am: almond butter + jam sammich, cucumbers, carrots, grapes.... h20!

snack 2pm: 1 mandarin + 2 banana bread cookies.

Workout 3pm: 5.5 mi - 51:04 elliptical + 15 mins weights.
it was my first time ever reading a magazine while exercising. and guess what? I got half way through Woman's Health and before I knew it I was at 4.5 miles! It was so surprising! If only I could read while on the treadmill - it makes time fly! & I'm elliptical-ing it to prevent more shin splints. I've been icing my shins for the past 3 days so hopefully I can get a good run tomorrow morn :)


Amazing Dinner:

Last of the tuna casserole (mixed steamed broccoli and it tasted PERFECT and just how I had imagined!), spinach salad with raisins, almonds, green bell, and grapefruit juice. Dessert was the grapefruit. And guess what? I loved it! and so sugar added! I realized the first bite tastes like a berry-flavored orange - then the sour part hits. But only sometimes. So great! I'm glad my mouth lets me give new foods a 2nd chance and actually accepts them sometimes. Good mouth, good mouth.

Dark choco:

1 85% dark choco square. Felt like I was eating a huge brownie.

Bedtime Friday night eats!?

apple, cinnamon, low-fat plain yogurt (I got to get some greek yogurt up in here!), raw oats, muesli, raisins, almonds... 8 million ingredients?

Goodnight all! I'm hoping to get up early to go for a run before meeting up with some lovely ladies for breakfast. Oh gosh - 6:30am Saturday morning runs... nervous... Watch me sleep in.


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  1. I totally wish I could read on the treadmill too, I am way too uncoordinated. Hope you had an awesome weekend girl!