April 24, 2010

iPod-Free 6 miles + Steak

I love running with music. I just had a talk with a friend about how running without music seems like torture, 'cause you're forced to listen to your heavy breathing and your awkward, loud pace. We also talked about the fact that music can be a distraction from running pain, or running boredom. Also, running with music makes the run generally faster, and a good beat can push you to happy, fast speeds you never knew you had in you.

Saturday morning Eduardo and I were going to go to our favorite running spot, Greenlake, Seattle. But he's on day 4 of his nasty cold, and his 1/2 marathon training called for a 13 mile run today. Problem was his health mixed with cold weather and hardcore winds! So he ended up heading to the gym while I begged and pleaded him to let me run on the street. He let me under the following conditions: no iPod, stop at all the traffic lights, and we'll meet at the gym afterwards for stretching + weights. I acted like a baby with the no iPod rule, but understood that "running with music is distracting you from the cars around you, and it's dangerous". So I turned on Mr. Garmin and stepped out the door, ready to try + conquer a 10K.

Before the run fuelz:

"Hey I'm an old banana" with almonds + raisins


check out that calorie burn, man! And I have no idea when I hit a 4:36 pace, but hey, I'll take it :D

Goal: 10K under 1 hour
Actual: 1 hr 3 mins - shucks! I blame the hills, and well, maybe I'm just slow. Time to pick up the training!!

Before + After pic: Fail. Here's after!

sweaty face. And guess what? Running for an hour, without music, wasn't half bad. The cars made plenty noise, and, well, let's be honest, I was definitely singing in my head the entire time I ran. And, coincidentally, I was singing the songs that I currently have on my iPod. So silly.


3 eggs with turkey, bell pepper, spinach, avocado, half a tomato

I love adding spinach to everything! Cut up in strips like this makes it so secretive.. and so delicious...!

Costco buy!

The hubby let me buy soymilk this time. Next time: Rice milk! Hey, the day Almond + Hemp milk are sold in Costco, I'll start to buy 'em. But shoot son, why you gotta be so expensive?! And yes, I do know that soy, in large amounts, is actually not so good for you. But I only intake this stuff for bfast, so I think I'll survive :)


Edu's salsa :)

Homecooked Pintos! (we bought another 25lb bag!)


tiny New York (fat cut off for good measure), half a baked potato with green onion, 8 million servings of steamed brocc.


low-fat plain yogurt blended with frozen strawberries, a hint of agave ~ topped with raw oats, raisins, and almonds. (I definitely added like 10 more handfuls of oats after this picture. I love those things!)

Happy weekend! Don't let it end?

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  1. Awesome run! I love running with music because its distracting and I hate hearing my laboured breathing.