April 12, 2010

Love: Vegetarian Burritos

Today was a beautiful, happy, cheerful, hopeful, nice Monday. Why? Because I got to pick up my lovely hubby at the airport today! :) :) :) :) & we were too lazy to make a big hardy meal at home, so we stopped by my absolute favorite place in the world - Agua Verde! ah, mi hubby, he's back, and I'm full of happiness.

Today's yums:

oats made with cinnamon, non-fat milk, h20. 2 strawberries, blueberries, 1 banana, raw almonds.

raw oats with cinnamon, 1 kiwi + 1 apple = happy.

almond buttah and organic jam sammich
red grapes (8 million of them), 1 mandarin, baby carrots
dead banana from the fridge: banana icecream!!

Workout: 1.5 miles treadmill/3.5 miles elliptical = 5 miles - 48:01 I think my leg is broken? shin splint pain almost immediately upon running on treadmill, darn thing. So I hopped onto the elliptical and pushed myself to the core. Felt grand!

then I ate a non-brown banana & raw almonds

Then I inhaled this tasty mess! I had to leave the house at 4:40, and got out of the shower at 4:15, so I was pretty stinkin' short on time. I grabbed a slice o' whole wheat bread (and it's half-sliced friend), 1/2 an avocado, handful o' spinach, 2 slices turkey, 2 slices green bell, and ate it all up! with celery, almond butter, raisins. so good but I had to eat it so fast in order to leave the house on time to pick up my man from the airport. Gah, good stuff though.

I also decided to eat these for "dessert" (4:30 pm?) and, although I planned to eat them in the car, on the way to the airport, I quickly unpeeled both of them and they were in my belly before I even left the house. Oh cuties!!

Cell phone lot at the airport for a half hour? I needed goodies!

I almost finished the mag, and ate my first jocala larabar - it was delicious! And surprisingly filling for being a mini-lara! I'm savin' the cashew cookie for tomorrow :)

Agguuaaa Verrrrdeee!!

organic vegetarian burrito! flour tortilla "spinach flavored" (don't believe it, but I'll eat it!) filled with yams, rice, onion, bell pepper, pinto beans, and a romaine-like salad with more onions, tomato, cilantro, and a side of guac. Absolutely delicious, finger-licking good. It definitely filled me up, though. So I'm pretty sure there was a secret ingredient in it that made the "organic vegetarian burrito" less innocent than it looks. But hey, I did request it without cheese - so that had to save me a butt load of extra calories.

T'was a great Monday. Time to be with the love of my life! I can't believe I've survived without him! Business trips = evil. But days like this = unforgettable.

I'm odd.

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  1. So happy hubby is back home to you :)

    You two are so super sweetly in love <3