April 17, 2010

Portion Control with Pizza: Accomplished!

Oh Saturday, you were beautiful.
Friday night: got in bed at 11:00, fell asleep 'round 1am. Stuffy nose/headache were killers! Then my body decided to get up at 5:30am, and not fall back asleep. So I lied in bed 'till 6am, and got up for a nice, long yoga session before meeting up with friends for breakfast.


My very first yoga DVD/exercise experience from Easter 2008!! It was soft core, but the stretches felt so good on me wee-legs! Workout tally: 50 mins yoga, 10 mins weights/abs.


nanner ('cause who can wait that long when bfast isn't 'till 9:30 and it's 7:30?!)


Mediterranean Scramble
Fresh spinach, onions, garlic and roasted red and yellow peppers scrambled with eggs, and topped with Feta cheese. [onion + garlic = hubby staying far far away from wifey 'cause of her scent. aw shucks!!] This was so filling and delicious! I could only eat 1 piece of toast 'cause the eggs filled me belly. In a good, good way.

My attempt at removing garlic/onion smell:

raw lime?! noo!!

Reward for lime eating:

banana bread cookie!
& banana!

hunger spell before Costco, not yet dinner time:

my head was still attacking me, so I could only have one bite of this super sweet (too sweet) bar and gave the rest to hubby (who loved it since I seem to deprive him of sugar...haha)
& apple

Pizza friends:

How I controlled my pizza slice intake (for the FIRST TIME EVER!)

huge, huge, spinach salad with red wine vinegar, olive oil, parmesan, homemade croutons

my for real actual pizza intake!

How is that possible? I usually inhale 4 slices, feel overly full, but am too stubborn to change! It was grand, tonight. Edu got to eat all the pizza he wants (and can - since he ran 18 km this morning) and I got to eat dessert later on! Swell. Oh, and I cut that huge piece into 2 to make me feel like I was eating 3 whole slices. It was so nice!


low-fat plain yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, muesli, kashi & banana oatmeal raisin cookie bread something or other.

&... scene!

Oh & I love Mr.Nokia N900! Go buy one? It took all these awesome pics! And I got to edit them in the phone... which saved me like... 200 clicks on Mr. Computer.

Goodnight! Hope to wake up healthy tomorrow.

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