April 10, 2010

Race Day: My First 5 Mile Race

So, I've been training for this 5 mile race for about a month. It's been crazy, fun, challenging, and I was super ready for Saturday morning. but extremely nervous!! I stayed at my folks house so we could drive together up to the race. Day in pictures:

Goal: 5 miles under 48 minutes
Finish: 5 miles in 44:35! It felt amazing (hence, silly smile)



Dinner (BBQ place for bro's birthday dinner)

Treat: (from VEGFEST 2010!)
Pictures of Vegfest soon to come!

late night snackage:


  1. Looks like it was a great day for a race!

    Wicked time - congrats!!

    I can't wait till I can run like you someday :)

  2. congratulations on your 5K, what am awesome time!!

    honest bars are my favorite!!! i have been trying to recreate them at home - with no success! They taste so much better :).