April 3, 2010

Tiny Steak Saturday

Today started at 8am, got sucked into blog-land, and the hubby and I headed to our apartment's gym for a Saturday morning sweat. It was freezing windy outside, so working out indoors was so nice! & it's usually fairly empty, so it's like we have our own gym, a 2 minute walk from our home. Amazing, much?

Workout: 6 miles - 57:43 on Mr. Elliptical. 15 mins weights/abs.

This workout was amazing, but super challenging! I told myself I'd shoot for 5 miles, and see how I felt for an extra. Once I got to 5 I was on this crazy leg-moving roll and I didn't want to stop! After a 5 min cool down, I could hardly walk - but it felt so good!

Post Workout:

1 banana, cinnamon, raw oats, 5 raw almonds, almond butter, more cinnamon!

Official Breakfast:

Almost 100 % eggwhite omelettes, with 1 tomato each & we split a delicious apple. Ah, egg-white-only dilemma: I just can't get over throwing so much egg away! I thought about buying the egg whites as they come in little milk-type containers, but it just seems so processed to me. What to do!? These little omelettes were made with 7 eggwhites, 3 yolks, 3 celery stalks (diced) and 1 serrano chili. & The hubby got the bigger piece o' pie, of course!

3 Hours Later:

Starbucks perfect perfect perfect oatmeal, with dried fruit & nuts, and half a banana. I love how this fills me up for so long!


Hello reds, oranges, and "red grapes" that are really purple-ish blue like stinkin' blueberries! They look so good, I'm excited to eat those suckers...! [Goods: Organic apples, organic carrots, mandarins, "red" seedless grapes, tomatoes]

Greens & yellows making the world go 'round. [Goods: 3 bags o' bananas, baby spinach, avocado, asparagus, organic cucumber, 2 green bells, serrano chilis, organic green onion]

Yogurt & Browns

yummiest stuff @ Costco!

Potato, sweet potato, Honey Whole Wheat bread, kiwis.

Raisins & frozen chicken, yo!

Nicole & sugar: I could live without this stuff and agave. But, the hubby & sugar: need each other, love each other, they just get along so nicely! So the Carrillo household buys sugar. Caught red handed? Nah, I just really don't see the need to eat this stuff. Oats are amazing without it, 'cause berries and bananas make the bowl of goodness super sweet and amazing. And oats are really the only time we use Mr. Sugar! So... technically.. we don't need it. But we bought it, 'cause of Mr. Hubby, whom I love.

Dinner in 1 1/2 hours?! Stomach filler:

The last pieces of the amazing Whole Wheat Almond Raisin Bread
I heated them in the micro for a few seconds and added some cinnamon. So tasty! and kept my stomach from yelling at me until dinner was ready :)


Homemade croutons:

Whole wheat bread, diced into cubes, sprayed with Pam Olive Oil cooking spray (teehee) and tossed with a million herbs. Then baked for 10 mins on 400 degrees (with our baked potato). They were so crunchy and tasty and perfect! & the reason I never have to spend the moneys on store bought croutons ever again.

Baby Spinach salad:

Baby spinach, red wine vinegar, olive oil, parmesan, croutons.

Baby-sized steak!

Los Details: Steak! (with fat cut off. Sell me some without it and save me some time, no?!), steamed broccoli & 3 asparagus... sticks... & half a baked potato with green onion. So delicious, not too filling, just perfect.

With definitely be low-fat yogurt, 1 apple, cinnamon & raw oats, all mixed together (apple diced, o' course) and slowly eaten, to make it last as long as possible.


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  1. What a great day of eats!

    I know what you mean about wasting egg. I usually end up using the whole thing so that I'm not wasting food. I used to buy Egg Beaters - the egg white in the carton, but I can't remember what alls in them. I know I do like them because I'm not wasting any egg, and sometimes I get different kinds (tex mex, onion & chives, etc) which work great for omelets. I think I might have to try some of them again soon.