April 22, 2010

True Peace: A Blessing from God

I'm so content.

I can't find the exact words to express how running + a tummy full of delicious, real food makes me feel, but I want to try..

The past week I've been kinda stressed out at work, or burnt out, or something, kind of walking around like a zombie doing my job in robot-mode. But today I realized something: working out and knowing I'm trying to take care of my body with awesome food puts me in the greatest mindset ever!

After my run at the track, I drove home and felt such pure happiness, I couldn't stop smiling! & you know what I realized? No matter how horrible (or average) my work day went, whether I wanted to scream, or cry, or quit.... Living this "new life" of running + eating right fills me with this crazy, blessed feeling I can hardly describe! I'm so thankful that God has given me the motivation and the push to work out, and the knowledge to fill my body up with good, wholesome food! and the fact that the bible calls us do these things, whether directly or indirectly (our bodies are temples! how amazing is that?) is so beautiful!!

Ah. I'm so happy right now. I've been reading a daily devotional that a friend gave me, and it keeps talking about a Peace that only God can give us. A Peace that we will truly have if only we live our lives for Christ and give ourselves up to Him, not living for this world or giving in to all it throws at us. We're called to not look at the negative parts of life or dwell on them, but give them to the Lord and look at them in a positive light. Ah, it's amazing how a few bible verses and an explanation can be so eye opening!

Sigh, I'm full of glee.

I made soup! The same as last time [recipe] but cut in half (kinda) so it only lasted us 1 meal instead of 2. Here are the insides!

celery, carrot, cilantro, green onion, tomato, brown rice

1.5 chicken breasts cooked to perfection!

& 5 cups of homemade broth leftover! I'm so excited to use it to cook my quinoa/rice in!

Today's bfast:

raw oats, muesli, 1 banana, flaxseed meal, almonds, raisins

mid-mornin' snack:

Veggies to hold me over before lunch:


sammich insides: 2 slices turkey, mustard, green bell, cucumber, huge handful of baby spinach

Workout: 5 miles - 48:15 track + 15 mins weights/abs:

love magazine work outs! They're grand 'cause they're always changin', yo.

Post-workout goods:

homemade slice of bread with almond butter + cinnamon + nanner


roasted brocc, soup, tortilla (cut into triangles and placed on dry flat-iron grill... is that what they're called? ...'till they get super crispy like homemade chips, man!

yum. yum. and yum.

and guess what? my stomach is growling! I love a good nighttime cup o' yogurt.

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  1. Love the biblical perspective of peace with God and treating your body right!
    We are so blessed to have daughters and sons that are putting the Lord first!