April 11, 2010

Vegfest & Sunday

Check it out Vegfest 2010 !!
So, when a friend told me this event was taking place, I was super excited to read all about it, and, of course, attend it. I not a vegetarian, but I love veggies and fruits and whole grains!! But, after looking online and seeing it was inside of a big room, and consisted of tables next to more tables in line with other tables, topped with food, I was less enticed. I had imagined a crazy cool event - maybe outside - with music and laughter and fun. haha. Anyway, I was going to skip out - but decided to go with my folks. I'm so happy I went! It was incredible.

The intro from their site:
At our annual healthy vegetarian food festival you can: Taste free food samples, over 500 different kinds to try; See cooking demonstrations by chefs from all over the country; Hear the latest information on nutrition from our doctors and dietitians. Choose books Buy our new and updated guide book, Vegetarian Pacific Northwest, The Veg-Feasting Cookbook, and The Vegetarian Solution, your answer to cancer, heart disease, global warming and more.

Anyhow. Here are a few fun pictures from the event, and today's eats.

millions of samples to inhale:

A huge LARABAR table, the girl kept saying "2 per person 2 per person!" and when I showed up with my mouth wide open, gazing at the goods and repeating "i love lara so much ah lara is my favorite no way larabars this is amazing this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seeen!" she gave me like 6 mini bars! & 2 "I LOVE LARABAR" stickers! haha. Oh, obsessions...

The goods!

Sunday, sunday:

brown rice, asparagus, green onion, green bell, avocado, 1 egg white.
kinda tasted good... then tasted bland... then I wanted something else.
so I guess it could be labeled as a fail. But, since it was a 2pm eat,
I will definitely have room for my mom's veggie pizza tonight! Stoked!

&... My hubby Eduardo will be back tomorrow! Best start to the week ever!
Hope you all had great weekends!

PS: mom's pizza:

mushrooms, onion, green bell, spinach, red pepper flakes: gah - delicious.
I ate this times 2!


Beautiful yogurt parfait: plain low-fat yogurt, mixed berries, raw oats.

Ok, now goodnight for reals :)

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