May 18, 2010

101 Cookbooks = Best Friend

Please go to and print every recipe you see. It'll save your marriage (or your life!). I recently did that little task, had about 20 tabs opened on Mozilla and printed each and every recipe for my recipe notebook. Today's big ol' dish was "Wild Fried Rice" which, only gets its fancy name because wild rice is used. But, all we had was brown rice and quinoa, so I made it into "Fantastico Quinoa Fried Rice" 'cause it sounded hip + fun.


Can I just re-state how amazing frozen berries taste in warm oatmeal? 'cause really. really. so good.


huge apple + its best friend, Mr. Kiwi


whole wheat bread with mustard, homemade guac (1/4 avocado, 1/4 diced tomato, green onion, dash o' salt, diced serrano chili, lime juice) with all them veggies and fruits to make the tummy content.

Oh my goodness guacamole in a sandwich is extremely crazy GOOD! Everyone should do it.

Workout: 6 mi - 1:05:55 + 10 mins abs - shoot son, I was not ready for this afternoon's run to feel so uncomfortable. I went to the track, and wanted to shoot for 8-10K. The weather was very overcast, decent temp, drizzling rain, and huge gusts of wind. Not ideal. First 2 laps: rain smacking against me poor face. Next 4 laps: sharp pain in my left shin + right inside hip (strange, much?!) Next 10 laps: pushing myself to sprint my every-other 200 meters, and failing to move much faster. Last 7 laps: pain gone (so nice!), rain gone, wind still pushing me to go faster, then slowing me down. I ran pretty slow the whole way through (7 min/km er over 10 min miles) but I was so happy when I finished. I felt strong for pushing through the pain and the nasty weather.

Nanner Lovin'

I can't find anything better than one of these guys after a workout. Green Monsters are my absolute favorite but they leave me no room for dinner, so they are nicely saved for weekend and my rest days :)


Huge load of Quinoa Fried Rice (with mondo peas, itty bitty diced up chicken breast, egg, and muchos spices! I paired it with some yummy asparagus cooked in olive oil + dashed with salt. My favorite part of this recipe: making a 3 egg omelette, letting it cool, and cutting it into long strips. It made the dish go from "hey I've had this like 300 times before" to "WOAH this is fantastic, I'm so glad to try it for the first time ever!"

picture to come! I gots to eat it first, yo.
here 'tis!


  1. Ohh I've never tried frozen fruit in warm oatmeal. Looks delish! I don't have warm oatmeal too often because i'm hooked on overnight oats, but soon!

  2. Yes- 101 cookbooks is a rocking blog. Love all of her recipes. Frozen fruit in hot oatmeal is super good. Quinoa Fried Rice ? yes please ;)