May 10, 2010

8K [5mi] + Loving Leftovers

I love Mondays when the food is all pre-cooked and all I need is a skillet and a microwave. I have more time to put extra detail in Tuesday's pre-made dinner, and all day I imagine the leftovers sitting in my refrigerator, just callin' my name.

Today was fantastic in workout land, food land, hubby/family land, and a little bit of work land, as well (suurpriise!) - Work: tough, especially on Mondays. But seriously, only an hour with those toddlers and I was the happiest daycare teacher ever - I couldn't believe how a bunch of tantrum-throwing, crying toddlers put me in such a happy mood! Just getting down on their level, giving them big ol' hugs, and watching their tears turn into laughs, was priceless. Best. Job. Ever. At least today!


Carrillo-Family oats (to-do here), blueberries, banana, almonds, raisins :)


dead carrots (sad face) and a delicious apple.


grape-less lunch (we forgot to buy 'em! snap, son) with almond butter + organic jam sammich + its colorful friends


best no-bake granola bar known to man (recipe)

Workout: 5mi (8K) - 46:35 + 15 mins abs/weights

Felt fantastic! The air was a little cold, but I ran without a jacket and my body immediately heated up. It even started to drizzle half way through and it simply felt amazing. And I felt so stinkin' fast! I love running days like today, best feeling I could ever feel.


Nanner with cinnamon, almonds, raisins, spoonful of almond buttah.

Dinner ~ Leftooovers!


Grilled chicken breast marinated in lime juice, olive oil/spices, asparagus and not-so-red red sghetti (boil a bum load of tomatoes with spices, blend, pour into cooked spaghetti and let the noodles drink it all up).


I was so happy my tummy started growling 'round 7:50 - so wanted something to finish the night! I inhaled a slice of my homemade applesauce bread (recipe!) before the camera appeared... & 3/4 cup low-fat plain yogurt with blueberries, a few almonds, raw muesli. Delicious + filling. oh & I added some ground flaxseed meal for kicks. Love.

Goodnight bloggers of the world! & mamita + papa, who kindly read this fella! Love you two!


  1. I looooove leftovers too! It makes it so easy to throw together lunch/dinner and I love trying to find new ways to combine them to make it more interesting!

  2. Heyy! I just came across your blog and I am absolutely loving it! You're such an inspiration! You now have a new follower