May 25, 2010

Birthday Part 1

I am no longer 21, yahoo! Being 21 made me feel... silly. When someone asks how old you are, and you say "21" it's almost like they immediately think you're a loca party go-er that loves herself a nice bar + adores drinking with her amigas. Not me, however, and now, people will actually believe it! 22, 22, 22... I could say it all day.

Mistake #1: working on your birthday. I would have loved to wake up early, get an awesome run on, hang out with mi padre, get my car towed (it was dead, but is not fixed!), eat lunch with my hubby, paint a little, then go out to dinner with the hubby. But, I worked. It ended up being not so bad, though. Besides, I got a huge "Happy Birthday Nicole!" banner posted at the daycare's entrance, that's pretty sweet!


How life greeted us @ 5:50am on my birthday:

Flat tire! Now try to get to work in the next 10 minutes! Sheesh. (Don't worry, we made it, thanks to Superwoman - my mamita!)

4 year olds gift to me:

They had no idea it was my birthday, but it was still pretty cool to be bombarded with flowers for no reason. Kids are awesome - just say it!


Delicious organic apple + some baby carrots = happiness

Outside Lunch:

Loving eating outside! Look closely: I had some almonds, raisins, and 1 date for "dessert" :) So delicious!

Sandwich insides: same goodies like spinch, half a tomato, bell pepper + mustard - minus the turkey (I wanted to see what it was like - aaand it was awkward) The flavors were tasty, but it was missing something. Either avocado or some spice from my old friend, the serrano chili. I'll do it right next time!

Workout: 6 mi - 55:56 elliptical + 15 mins abs/weights

Bomb Smoothie:

My birthday present from me to me: 8 oz soy milk, handful and a half of spinach, 1 banana, handful of mixed berries + strawberries, dash of unsweetened cocoa powder + few drops of pure organic vanilla extract.

Love dinner:

We were planning on going out to a mini-restaurant (cheap-ish, but decent tasting) tonight, then go to a hardcore restaurant (more moneys spent - fancy attire) Saturday. But we ended up going to the 2nd Top Rated Vegetarian Restaurant in Seattle tonight [Cafe Flora], and plan on going to the #1 Veggie Restaurant in Seattle on Saturday [Araya's Vegetarian Place]. Exciting! Love my hubby for wanting me to feel special + eat awesome tonight!

The Salad:

Fresh spinach, arugula, and dandelion greens
tossed in a French miso dressing with diced
avocado, pickled red onion, sliced radish, crispy
dulse, and a sprinkle of gomaiso. (vegan & gluten-free)
10 stars on taste, presentation + portion size
A - M - A - Z - I - N - G!
Really, eat this now.
Tasted like an avocado roll made into a salad. Yum.

The Little Quesadillas:

Roasted yams, pumpkin
seed-cilantro-scallion spread
and Pepper Jack cheese in
corn tortillas with spicy salsa
and lime crème fraîche. (gluten & soy free)
8 stars on taste
10 stars on presentation + portion size

Really good filling, but kinda heavy on the oil. I still feel it lingering in my belly, I think. Ah well, they were still really good I just sorta needed a paper towel to wipe the bottoms. :)

Birthday Part 2 will be Saturday: Araya's Vegetarian Place [Thai & Vegetarian Food]! I'm ready ready ready! Have a great night, all.... Biggest Loser Finale on my birthday? That's sweet.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (sorry for being a day late!). Love your smoothie...mmmmmmm. I just love smoothies! And, your dinner looks fab!

  2. Happy Birthday! Wait till you tell the young ones your 24.... they start to think your ancient.. trust me I know.. I work with 5th and 6th graders lol... and when I used to say i was 23.. they were like wow your young.. but the moment I turned 24.. wow.. I was old!!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

    (can't believe I missed it!)