May 20, 2010

Flaxseed Love + Chicken Asparagus Noodles

I love flaxseed meal. I really do. That's all that needs to be said about flaxseed. And I love blogs that share awesome bomb-diggity recipes. Today's dinner came from: The Chic Life and her fabulous post with a super fast, easy, delicious dinner: Chicken, Asparagus + Udon Noodles! Here's the link to the recipe: nom nom

Here be my breakfast!

"I am oats, rice milk, frozen berries, cinnamon, half a nanner (heated all up) topped with other half of banana, almonds, raisins, and flaxseed meal"


Fail. I was starving like an hour later. Where my protein at, yo?

Lunch in the car:

Yeah, so. I eat in my car. It's the furthest I can escape for 30 mins. Check out my sandwich! I love how I made Tuesdays + Thursdays my bomb sandwich days. I made some more homemade guac for the insides, with 1 slice turkey, spinach, green bell pepper, cucumber, and a whole lotta lovin.

Workouuuut: 10K - 57:27 + 15 min weights/abs

I did it I did it! Thursdays are my "long run" days where I run from my house, down the street 3+ miles, and turn around. The first half is downhill, making the second half a killer up hill battle. I pushed really hard on the way down (work stress?) and regretted it on the way back, I was a wee on the tired side. But I made it! Superwoman. Running makes me feel like superwoman.

Inhale, please:

almost-too-old banana = still a really good banana.


how-to homemade soy sauce. Those fellas, plus some garlic, plus some Worcestershire sauce if you have it (I do not) and bam. Soy saucy...

This was fabuloso!

love you, brocc.

(Chicken-less 'cause I saved the chicken breast for my hubby's meal tomorrow) & This was my first time having spaghetti without parmesan cheese. Since I was probably like... a toddler. And it was so delicious! The red pepper flakes added a very tasty heat wave to this pasta. But I would really love to try this dish with the sesame seeds + the udon noodles. Someday, maybe.

Friday is tomorrow! & Woman's Health was in my mail box today! Joy.


  1. Yay! So glad you tried out my recipe and you liked it! Definitely try the udon and sesame seeds if you have the chance, they're very tasty. The udon are actually whole wheat noodles! But, for some reason, they have a texture more like regular noodles to me than WW pasta. Weird!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I got women's health today too! can't wait to read it. and i love flax seed toooo. you should try ch-ch-ch-chia seeds next!

  3. You are superwoman! And my inspiration :)

    The red pepper flakes in your pasta sound like a great idea!