May 26, 2010

The Kitchen: Friend or Foe?

6:00pm, just sat down after standing in the kitchen for 3 hours. I ate an amazing pinto bean veggie-like burger and cooked a fantastical chicken + quinoa soup. But that's not all that happened... (dun dun dunnnn!)


oats, muesli, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, raisins, almonds, frozen berries, rice milk


organic apple (yummers) + steamed brocc w/italian seasoning (what kind of daycare kitchen doesn't have salt in their herbs/spices cabinet? I must've been blind. but the italian seasoning was divine on that broccoli!)


Sandwich insides: almond butter, cinnamon, raisins :)


syke! day off, yo. Rest days = Recovery days.


Pinto bean "burger" made with diced spinach, homecooked pintos, garlic, green onion + a little lime juice. Sides: homemade guac (huge red tomato, avocado, lime juice, salt, green onion, serrano chili) + sweet potato fries + mashed cauliflower with mucho paprika (hence it's orange hue!)

A little ugly, but a lot of fantastic flavors up in that patty!


1 magical date to take the kitchen mistakes away.

Kitchen fail:
  • As I made my veggie burger, I decided to make tomorrow's dinner: soup.
  • I was starving, and the soup took up about an hour of my time (ish?)
  • Veggie burger was not made until soup was set to go, so tummy was sad.
  • I forgot to add a grain (brown rice, quinoa, noodles?) to the soup...
  • I forgot to add salt to the soup...
  • Veggie burger: wonderful, but soup: cooking too long
  • Because I cooked the soup for 8 million hours... the garlic disintegrated
  • Garlic clove: to be removed after soup is cooked - but no...
  • Garlic clove: M.I.A.
  • If hubby bites into garlic clove tomorrow, hubby will have nightmares
  • We ran out of veggies for Friday. stank.
Time to wait for my amazing husband to arrive from work, and live inside a nice bowl of yogurt, since I seemed to have forgotten to eat a decent side of carbs with dinner tonight. Oh, silly me.

PS: Biggest Loser Finale was all everything I hoped + dreamed that it would be. And it was so worth staying up 'till 11pm to watch it! 6 hours of sleep? That's plenty! :)

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