May 21, 2010

Mack's Flax Bread: Wonderful

It's 10:30pm, we left the house around 7pm. I wish this Friday would have been normal like all the past Fridays. Ah well, sometimes a car battery/alternator just needs to die on your way home. It just does. Oh! But we bought really awesome bread, so I'll just pretend this is all we had to do tonight: eat Mack's Flax Bread.


raw oats, muesli, cinnamon, 1 banana, frozen berries

Love love love how the milk immediately freezes over the berries! Little bites of berry ice cream? I think so.


I ate about 3 million organic baby carrots today. Orange skin?


I ate outside, and it was beautiful. Sammich insides: almond butter + cinnamon (ie: apple pie tasting sandwich)

Workout: 54 min run/walk with sister + 15 min weights/abs

Love Fridays. Love walking. Love talking with my sister, and getting a nice sweat on.


leftover Chicken, Asparagus + Noodles Stir Fry (recipe) atop a bed of organic baby spinach.

and the rest of my Quinoa Pinto Bean Soup! (recipe) Deeeelicious!

Before our 7pm Costco run... I ate this bag:

I told you I ate a million carrots today!

Ugly rain:

Actually, a fairly pretty picture. But still. Boat loads of rain!

10:00pm gift:

Adore this loaf! And the bag is biodegradable, so that's cool... right?

And... weekend! We made it! Let these next two days last forever, please.

Tomorrow's Plans: Kinda shot 'cause my car is going to sleep in the parking lot of a car-parts store with a dead battery and/or a broken alternator. But we're hoping to go for a run at our favorite Seattle spot, then off to visit Whole Foods for the first time and check out a near by Farmer's Market and I'm super excited! Then we'll head over to one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Seattle for my early b-day dinner celebration. We'll see!

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