May 9, 2010

My Inspiration: Hubby's 10K

Why hello late post!

Saturday morning, how I love thee. I was planning on getting up 'round 6:50am preparin' myself for a 9am 5K. But... my hubby was going to run the 10k (he wanted to break 40 mins), which starting at 9am, and the 5K started at 9:10. Meaning: if I ran the 5K, I'd have to finish well under 30 mins in order to catch my breath, and get ready to take my hubby's picture as he arrived to the finish (some 30 seconds later!) So, we decided it was best that I sit this one out. (yeah right sit it out! I ran as fast as I could for 25 mins around the race area while I waited for him to arrive, sweet!) So I decided to get up early and push a hardcore ab/upper body workout before the race.

Morning eats:

1 nanner, cinnamon, almonds, raisins

Crazy painful full-of-sweat Morning workout:

My favorite homemade collection of workouts ever! I've cut out workouts from about 1.5 years of Shape + Woman's Health mags and whenever I'm looking for something new, I grab this fella and pick something fantastic.

Today was mainly ab-focused!

Hard. The first one killed, plank for 15 secs, rest for 5 secs - 10 times! Made me feel so strong, even though I only held for 12 secs on some!

Crazy burn!


Sweat, sweat, sweat all ovah the carpet. haha, gross.


made me look silly, but I felt the burn!


Beautiful weather!!

Runnn! Go hubby go!

Goal: 40 mins
Time: 39:40!
2nd place out of everyone, yo! That's my man! I was so proud of him, I pretty much screamed when he arrived. Motivates me so much, and shows that extreme hard work + training definitely show on race day!

Happy hubby + the wifey


2.5 eggs with turkey, serrano chili pepper, 1/2 avocado + some grapes


big ol' chunk of my homemade applesauce bread (recipe here!)


home cooked pintos, hooray!

Does any of that really need an explanation?! Well, besides the fact that baked potatoes do not need cheese, sour cream, butter, or ranch to be a delight - and that chopped green onion is absolutely perfect indeed. Amazing dinner!

Carrillo Family Oats:

4 cups h20, bum load of cinnamon, boil! add 2 cups oats, large dash o' flaxseed meal, brown sugar and 4 cups non-fat milk. PS: If we use soy milk, which is super sweet, I omit the brown sugar :)

Pre-cooked for the week! Kept in a large tupperware in the fridge, and heated to perfection for my 5:30am breakfasts. So nice, so nice.

Crazy Early Bedtime:
9:30pm. Seriously, who falls asleep that early on a Saturday night? Sheesh. Made me kinda sad, but it's the reason I'm up so early on a Sunday! 6:45am baby! Honestly, as long as I get a good 8-9 hrs of sleep, why sleep in?

Have a wonderful Mom's day! Off to start writing my Mother's Day post so I'm not late this time!


  1. I'm an early bird on the weekends too! Waking up at four for work has my internal clock totally thrown off! Congrats to your hubby. What an amazing time!

  2. THAT IS SO FAST FOR A 10K!!!! Wow! That's awesome.

    And how cute that you have a book with all your favorite workouts cut out of magazines - I love that idea!

  3. AW! Congrats to your man! That is so exciting. And what a sweet wife you are to "sit out" the 5K so you can get his picture. Glad you were still able to fit in a kick butt workout. Mmm avocado