May 27, 2010

Oh Running, I Love You

Soup is fantastical, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before. Soup is even better after a really, really nice run. It was cloudy, but not too cold, the schools were just getting out, so I got to run by a bunch of elementary-school kids that gave me high fives (so much fun!) and I saw the aftermath of a mass road incident on the way back (dump truck flipped over, spilling asphalt all over the road, hit a truck + a car, 1 person sent to the hospital) - And 2 minutes later I ran my fastest 10K ever! It felt so good, and it definitely wasn't a boring ol' run on the road. No sir, not at all.


oats w. rice milk, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, 1 nanner, almonds, raisins, strawberries + mixed berries + love.



Hello heavenly meal! Check out the insides: mustard, 1 slice turkey, homemade guac (tomato, avocado, lime juice, salt, serrano chili, green onion!), spinach, red bell pepper. So delish.

Workout: 10K (6.25mi) - 55:48 (that time includes me dodging 8 million people starring at this:

so I wish I could say I had an even better time! Maybe on my next road-10K :) After my run I came home and did 15 mins strength training + loved that Thursday burn.


1 tasty banana with cinnamon, raisins, a few almonds + a nice scoop of almond butter.


Quinoa + Carrot soup with chicken + a huge spinach salad.
Soup insides: 1 chicken breast, loads of h20, quinoa, garlic, onion, bay leaves, 4 organic carrots, organic celery spears, dozens of herbs, spices + salt (pressure cooked for 20 mins or so, let cool + eat!). Topped with about 5 radishes all diced up and tasting like happiness.
Spinach creation: Organic baby spinach, olive oil, red wine vinegar, parm, 1 slice Mack's Flax bread super toasted and seasoned with italian seasoning for croutons.


mini mug of rice milk oats + muesli topped with frozen blueberries + raw almonds.

A good run makes for a really good night. I'm in such a good mood! Too bad it's 9pm and I'm off to sleeping land. Ah, 5am wake up call, you seem harsh, but shoot - getting off work at 2:30 is huge fun.

I made awesome no-cream pasta primavera tonight for tomorrow's dinnah. Exciting! Yellow squash, asparagus, carrots, tomato, spinach, whole wheat pasta, lime juice, herbs + such, topped with some parmesan. Feed me?


  1. get a spiralizer..girl, best $ ever. You will LOVE it!

    Have a super nite!

  2. Great run! Thats a heck of an accident you had to go by!

    And happy happy happy belated birthday!!! Hope it was a great one for you :)

  3. Wow,that sounds like quite the run, ha ha, high fives from cute elementary kids, and and a big accident, what a mess that looked like. Amazing looking meals, and awesome workout honey :) Love you tons

  4. Your packed lunches always look so good and colorful!

  5. Amazing job on the 10k! Your banana dessert looks awesome, I'll have to try that snack.