May 15, 2010

Organic, where are you?

y hubby + I have never stressed to buy organic food. We inhale fruits + veggies in large quantities, stick to whole-wheat everything, and limit our meaty intake. But we've never actually said "hmm... wonder if we should stop eating pesticides and switch to organic?" But after reading an article in Runner's World + Women's Health + I think even Shape had something dedicated to the "organic way" - we decided to give it a try. Today. Pain in the butt.
  • Costco does not sell much organic. We buy a good 60% of our groceries from here, weekly.
  • Safeway/QFC (local grocery stores) have organic sections in their produce area, but everything costs loads of $$$...
  • We have yet to find + visit a Farmer's Market close to our favorite running spot in Seattle (on Saturdays we go straight from our morning run to pick up our weekly groceries).
  • We have no idea where to find organic meat (mainly chicken + salmon, and every other weekend we get steak) or meat from grass fed animals.
  • We drove by a "fresh produce" stand close to our nearest Costco and found half the fruits/veggies were imported from Chile/Mexico and were not organic.
  • Trader Joe's also has disappointed us 'cause half of the produce we saw (an ended up buying 'cause we were tired of looking everywhere) was also from Chile, and wasn't organic.
Our solution: We are going to Whole Foods next weekend. I hope it's as wonderful as I imagine it, and that we can make that one and only stop everything Saturday + find everything we need, at a decent price, with a nice little "USDA Organic" sticker on each yummy purchase. Wish us luck?

Morning Fuel before Greenlake Run:

nanner, almonds, raisins

Gorgeous Morning!

Love this 5K lap around Green Lake, it's so perfect!


10.25K - 59:31! Best time ever! Pretty sure that's going to be my PR for the next few months, I pushed so hard to break 1 hour on those 2 laps around the lake, and I couldn't believe I did it! Felt so fantastic!


He finished about 30 mins after me 'cause he ran 18K crazy amazing husband!


"Farmer Fresh Locally Grown Produce"

I feel so lied to. But it was still beautiful + I bought some ginger! Pretty excited to use that for the first time!

2pm breakfast (so sad)

a well deserved 2.5 eggs with deli turkey, serrano chili pepper, avocado, tomato, and half an apple

630pm dinner:

I babysat one of my kiddos from work tonight + brought me some eats! Leftover eggplant lasagna from the Ladies' Cook Off last night, with steamed brocc, and a spinach pancake (go buy some!) with: half whole wheat bun, mustard, spinach, bell pepper + tomato. So delicious + filling!

Time to be with the lovely husband! I might grab some nighttime yogurt, the stomach seems to be calling for some.

Oh snap! I did:

them frozen berries: definitely, 100% inspired by: Krista and Sarah (graciaaas!) whose blogged eats made me give this a try. They tasted fantastic in this bowl of: low-fat plain yogurt, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, kashi golean, raw oats, raisins + almonds. Frozen berries in oats, yogurt, cereal so divine! Do it.

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