May 31, 2010

Perfect Day + Homemade Larabars

I have to say it: today was perfect. 6am wake up to go to the gym with hubby (before he had to get ready for work) + we got our sweat on. Workout: 5 mi - 45:48 elliptical + 15 mins abs/weights while hubby ran 8.5 miles on Mr.Treadmill at record speeds, like always.

We split a banana at 6:15am

Blueberry pancake fail:

"hey maybe I should use just one egg instead of 1 + 2 egg whites, and I can use flaxseed meal instead!" fail. fail. fail.

Didn't I learn, a short while ago, that flaxseed meal is not a good egg substitute for bfast?
*link to real recipe that looks fabulous + wonderful*

I topped this bad boy bowl with low-fat plain yogurt, cinnamon, raisins, almonds + 1/2 a banana.

it was actually pretty good and left cool colors on my bowl. but it wasn't pancakes :(

After cooking + reading for 10 hours... I ate lunch:

steamed brocc, 1 peach (nectarine?) 1 kiwi, sammich (open for viewers pleasure) half avocado, mustard, spinach, celery, bell pepper, half tomato, half slice turkey (animal killer?!) on 2 slices whole wheat bread it was fantastically magical in my mouth.

Homemade granola from Averie's blog! *link!

before baking and...

after baking!

Look! it actually turned into granola "bark" aww so sweet.

Stove top oats for the week:

rice milk, mmmmm....!


spinach salad with red wine vinegar, olive oil, dash o' parm, chopped up almonds, raisins, celery + side of homecooked pintos + 1/2 sweet potato [baked to utter joyous flavors]

Mai date:

love them dates!

Homemade Larabars!

mini versions, 'cause it was killing me to grind up so many raw almonds (expensive, here in Costco land) + our small batch of dates was getting smaller..

Here's the recipe's link I used happily: laralaralara
Pretty much 25 almonds, 3 dates + dashes of other ingredients per every 2 mini-mini-larabars. Her recipe was 1/4 cup chopped dates, 1/4 cup dry fruit, 1/3 cup almonds/nuts then adding other ingredients from there. I used my food processor (crazy fun!) and the bars nut/date consistency was spot on :)

I printed out all the Larabar flavors and their ingredients, and tweaked with a couple. 2 ginger cookie bars + 4 chocolate cinnamon bars :)


yogurt + frozen strawberries + agave + raw oats + raisins = goodnight.

Oh happy weekend, why you got to end like this? Last a month next time, would ya?

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  1. I've heard there's a flax meal trick for subbing it out for an egg - 1 tsp flax seed : 4 tsp water, and let it sit for a bit and it gets thick like egg consistency. Bummer the pancake didn't work but I bet it was still good!