May 1, 2010

Saturday Run + Pizza

I love Saturdays. I love how long they are, how they're followed by Sundays, and how every other one of them is Pizza Day (!!!).

Pre-run Fuel:

Run: 10.25K - 1:05:08 @ Greenlake in Seattle. I was shooting for a faster time, but my legs were sore, my pink eye was irritating me, and the fact that I ran with glasses on my sweaty face, and they'd fall every 20 mins, is a good excuse for being a slow poke! That said, it was a great Saturday morning run.

Hubby picked me a wittle flower!

pink eye madness? My eyes look swollen, but the pink is going down, thankfully!


oats, h20, mixed nuts, mixed fruit (I skip out on the brown sugar since the dried fruit has added sugars. And seriously - oats are too good for sugar, man!).


Crazy large amount of fruits/veggies for the next 1.5-ish weeks!

Love Bob's Red Mill products. And normal potato + a sweet potato = :)

Fruit feast:

to hold the stomach over 'till dinner!


salad: spinach, red wine vinegar, olive oil, parm, homemade croutons!

yellow-looking pizza! Whole wheat crust, tomato basil sauce, mozzarella, ground turkey breast seasoned with italian seasoning, pineapple, green bell, serrano chili, spinach, red pepper flakes. Gosh, so good! I had this + 1 small piece.

handfuls of raw Muesli @ like 930pm, 'cause I can.

and... sleep.

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  1. What a great blog!!

    I love the pic's and your overload of fruit and veg looks a lot like my house. The only difference is ours would be gone in like 4 days! I don't know how, but 2 of us go through heaps of produce!